Do you know that sick and twisted game called Deadpool?
Well Fuckpool is the same thing but, instead of killing people for money, guys have to have sex with girls, if they are on 'the fuck-able list' of course.
Some girls are about ten dollars, others are about five hundred, it depends.
but the worst thing about all this bullshit is, I'm on the list


30. Chapter Thirty: One Last Thing

Chapter Thirty

One Last Thing

Ally's P.O.V


So, Calum ended up taking the money. he gave me half of it just for college funds. 

Isabella and Michael are still happy together, he even gave her a promise ring. 

And as for me, well, there's one last thing for me to do. 

I gulp as I wait for him, Luke hemmings. 

I decided to give him a little visit at jail. 

I suddenly see him sitting down behind the glass with wide eyes as he picks up the little phone. 

My hands shake as I pick the phone up to. 

"Oh my god, Ally" He says, a small smile on his lips. "I missed you so much" 

"I didn't" I say, keeping a straight face.  I hear him gulp. 

"Ally I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, I loved you!" He says. 

"right" I mutter sarcastically. He sighs. "I still love you" 

"I don't" I hiss at him. "I fell in love with you, Luke. and then you ruined everything by using me for that stupid money. What were you gonna do with it anyways? " I ask. 


"I had to pay someone back" He says. "It's a serious matter, Ally" 

"whatever" I say. "When are you getting out anyways?" I ask. 

"in 3 months" he sighs, "They're going to give me drug tests every once in a week" 

"good, I see you're paying for what you've done" I say. 

He looks down. "you're times almost up Luke, I should get going" I say. 

He nods slowly. 

"oh and one last thing before I go" I say as he looks up at me, making sure I'm looking him straight in the eyes.

"fuck you, Luke Hemmings" 

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