Do you know that sick and twisted game called Deadpool?
Well Fuckpool is the same thing but, instead of killing people for money, guys have to have sex with girls, if they are on 'the fuck-able list' of course.
Some girls are about ten dollars, others are about five hundred, it depends.
but the worst thing about all this bullshit is, I'm on the list


4. Chapter Four: Something Unusual

Chapter Four

Something Unusual

Ally's P.O.V


When I finally get home I notice that my mum wasn't home. 

she probably took my little brother to football practice.

I sigh and plop down on my couch turning on the T.V.

then I start to think. 

what if I actually give in and let them have sex with me?

if I do, they'll not only take my virginity, but also three hundred dollars.

my thoughts suddenly get interrupted by my phone ringing. 

I pick it up and answer, "hello?"

"ALLY!" Isabella screams through the phone, I flinch. "what's up?" I ask. 

"go on Facebook, like now" she says. 

I raise an eyebrow and open my computer, logging into my Facebook account. 

I see a post from Luke Hemmings saying,

I forfeit Fuckpool guys, decided that I don't really wanna do this, good luck to the others ;)

I widen my eyes. "what.the.fuck?" I say.

To be honest, I thought that he would have already fucked all the girls in two days, except for me of course, I would never fuck him. 

"I know right!" she says. 

"well this is unusual" I say, laughing lightly. 

One less guy after me, great.

"I wish that Michael did this" she says sadly. 

I sigh, "forget about Michael honey, you're too good for him" I say.

"right" she says sighing. "I have to go now, bye" she says. 

"bye" I say hanging up.

I'm so not ready for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is finally the day XD

oh god.

btw sorry for the short update, I have a lot to do at the moment so. 

I'll try to update as soon as possible.

-Ally X





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