Do you know that sick and twisted game called Deadpool?
Well Fuckpool is the same thing but, instead of killing people for money, guys have to have sex with girls, if they are on 'the fuck-able list' of course.
Some girls are about ten dollars, others are about five hundred, it depends.
but the worst thing about all this bullshit is, I'm on the list


18. Chapter Eighteen: Too Good To Be True

Chapter Eighteen

Too Good To Be True

Calum's P.O.V


I patiently wait for Bianka to come out of the school, hopefully with the information we need.

I look over and see her strutting towards me with a smirk on her face. "Turns out , that little bastard is still in the game" she says. 

I raise an eyebrow. "what do you mean?" I ask her. 

"I mean, he payed The principal so he can take him off of the list and have him secretly play without anyone knowing" She explains. 

"fucking cunt! I knew it was too good to be true!" I say. "so how did you get him to talk anyways?"

"I showed him my boobs" she says. 

I widen my eyes. "oh for fucks sake, are you kidding me?" She shakes her head. "nope"

Her fake boobs to be exact. I went with her to get a boob job. plastic bitch. 

"Now all I gotta do is Get Luke to say the truth. I'm having a part next Saturday, I'll invite him, okay?" She asks. 

I nod. "perfect" 

Ally's P.O.V

I hold Luke's hand as we walk down the street to my house.

I enjoy being with Luke, I enjoy it a lot actually. he makes me feel happy and safe.

"Ally?" I hear him ask. "Yes Luke?"

"Do you like me?" He asks. I chuckle. "yes of course I do Luke" I say. 

He smiles. "I'm just checking" he says. "because I really like you too" he says wrapping his arms around me and kissing the top of my head. 

"come here you idiot" I laughs grabbing his face and kissing him on the lips.


Why can't that happen to me ??^^^

Ugh anyways, I'm finishing school next Friday so.... AYEE





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