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I would've had a perfect life , a suitable school , good friends , and maybe just maybe ... a perfect boyfriend , but unfortunately I never got education , Nathan told me that it's useless once I told him I want to go to school , and ofcourse being the naïve six years old Cara I believed him , little did I know I'll regret it ?! .

The day I knew I'm threatened was the day I came home from the supermarket finding Natalie one of Nathans endless girlfriends lifeless body on the floor covered with her own blood , that day I got dragged to my room so fast and was locked in , and never got out of the house till today my 17th birthday or the day Nathan found me in front of his gigantic house .

" Cara ! " a drunk Nathan pushed my door open and throw himself on my bed " get me something to eat " the old man mumbled.. not that old .. thirty seven isn't old he looks like a grandpa though... no offense " My dear Cara get me something to eat !" he shouted and giggled afterwards, I rolled my eyes and got up heading out of the room to get him what he left today at noon .

I passed by the room that as he said I'm not allowed to enter , and it always makes me curious what's in there , I greeted one of the people who works with him on my way to the down floor , before getting him the leftovers of chinese , drunk Nathan has always been my favourite .

when I came back he was knocked off and his legs were spread on the mattress , his keys on the floor and as always I should be the one who removes his shoes stinky gross shoes , I placed them aside , before taking the keys , and the only thing I'm thinking about is that it's my only opportunity to know what's in that dark , mysterious room .

when I tip toed to my destination I checked my surroundings before trying the first key and unfortunately it didn't work , can't it be like the movies were they will be lucky enough to open it immediately " Cara ?" I froze before turning slowly " what are You doing here honey ? " I slowly shrugged .

" was passing by and stopped to check if there is any dust on the wall !" he nodded before disappearing in the hallway, I sighed before trying nearly half of the keys , and it's the last one , when the lock clicked open a strong and such a bad smell came out I opened the door slowly not looking in what's inside , the room is too hot and it stinks , when I opened the lights , my face went pale my whole body was frozen or shaking I was totally numb , and the next thing I know I was screaming .

More than eight lifeless bodies hanged on the wall , and the first one was Natalie

" Miss , what's .. oh !" he looked nervous , I ran too fast to the nearest cellphone I get and called the cops .

* * *

I can't keep myself from shaking, everytime they ask me about anything I end up either crying or screaming.

I woke up on a comfy bed, white covers , white walls , white curtains that I thought I'm in a hospital , memories of yesterday flashed into my mind making me sob again, I can already feel my lids so puffy from yesterday's breakdown and I can't take the images out of my head .

" Hey hey " a blonde guy in his twenties stepped into the room " you're safe ! you're okay Love " he assured me but I won't buy it .

" where am I ? who are you ?" I asked and hugged my knees to my chest . " I haven't done anything I promise " I shook my head and the blonde got closer " don't touch me " I tried to back away but I hit the headboard of the bed .

" I'm not going to touch you , I swear !" he retrieved a glass of water from the dresser and helped me drink it " you're safe princess , we brought you here last night when you blacked out " I choked " calm down "

" We ?" I asked and he nods.

" Why don't you take a shower and refresh, there are some of your clothes in the closet " he paused " and after that you can join us downstairs for breakfast " he smiled sweetly and got up heading towards the door " Oh and I'm Frederic "

I did what he told me , and walked downstairs , there was too many doors infront of the house main door , I scanned the place before my eyes landed on a person entering , another blonde , this house is full of blondies I can't even stop myself from laughing at the thought of them bringing me here because I'm a blonde " what's so funny ?" the guy stared at me chuckling " you're Cara " I took a deep breath before nodding " Now tell me what's so funny about my appearance " he gestured for me to follow him .

" Nothing , it's just that " great forgot his name " Oh Frederic came in and he was blonde and you .." I burst into a fit of laughter again but managed to talk " and I am too you get it " he shook his head and smiled  in amusement .

" I already like you Cara , but we all aren't blonde unfortunately " we finally reached in the dining room , and as he said they all aren't blonde ... how stupid I am " I'm Niall such a pleasure to meet you " he whispered before introducing me to the rest " This is Cara everyone !" he grabbed everyone's attention, they were three including Frederic who smiled when I waved to him mouthing a 'hi' " take a seat please"  Niall told me and I did , I took a seat beside a man who looks so mature yet handsome , eating quietly he gave me a small smile and a hi when he caught me staring , I blushed and looked at the food in front of me .

For a while I forgot that maybe those people gonna harm me I'm surrounded by strangers who may kill me at any given minute , but I shut it all out enjoying the meal that it's been a while since I last had .

I caught someone sitting across from me staring when I looked up he darted his eyes and excused himself , when he stood he rolled his eyes and sighed before I saw his long figure exiting the room .

" What's wrong with him ? " a voice beside me asked lowly .

" I don't know Drew , he's always like that don't you know him by now " Frederic sighed and excused himself leaving Niall , Drew , and I alone " Cara" Niall's gaze turned to me " Drew will explain everything, just keep on mind you're safe dear " his eyes are pleading, so I nod hesitantly.

I started to roam around the gigantic house similar to Nathans' , Nathan ! what happened to him what happened to the bodies and why did he do that , I mentally panicked what if those three guys and that quiet one wants to murder me because I know about Nathan ,I stood staring at the backdoor sweating vigorously, why didn't Drew explained for me ? and why Frederic is so friendly.

" Cara ?  you okay " I truned and he reached for my shoulder but I flinshed away " Hey hey , Calm down what's wrong?" Frederic asked me but I just shook my head .

" What do you want from me ? " he raised and eyebrow " where is Nathan ?" I breathed out " why don't you talk ! " he backed away and confusingly stared .

" Cara , you're safe we're not serial killers okay , and Drew_" I cut him off ..

" Drew , Drew , Drew , where is that Drew !" I groaned and opened the backdoor, and just as I thought, the green eyes man was talking on the phone .

" Hey easy there , you're gonna tri_" before he completes he ran to my direction extending his hand and tripping himself into the pool .

" Oh My .." I covered my mouth with my hands trying not to laugh , but miserably did when he got out all wet , he shook his hair and smiled " I'm sorry " I chuckled " Now Explain Mr Seeley "

" Explain wha... Oh " he smirked and grabbed my wrist leading me to one of the chairs set on the grass .

He retrieved a card from the coffee table , and showed it to me , atleast I know how to read and write .


" Investigator Seeley , The guys and myself are responsible for you since Nathans house is under meditation, and he's in jail , we're trying to know for who the bodies belong to and we need your help Cara , we're gonna lost our jobs if we can't solve your case ! , please trust us " he paused " Nathan has companions and they are searching for you you're in danger dear "

Hi ! long time since the author notes huh anyway this story is same as DEAL if you can remember the one after Till the end , I actually deleted both and figured I would go with deal and change the title and casts and the plot ! but it's the same idea , sooo I'm gonna add the casts , but because it's the first chap gotta show you them aww me .. JK , so here goes ..

1) Harry styles as himself

2)Niall horan as himself

3) cara delevingne

4)Drew Seeley

5)Frederic ( aka freddie ) Stroma

you are welcome ... enjoy x!

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