5sos Preferences

The title says it all..



Luke: Your mind was completely blank. Okay, not completely – ‘they are so hot and talented’ was all you could think. Oh! And ‘I’m so lucky to be front row’ was also on your mind. “Oaky, so this next song is our single, you probably already know it”, everyone started screaming while Luke talked, “And it’s called ‘She Looks So Perfect’”. You couldn’t help but notice that through the song he had glanced at you – more than once. “Sorry, sorry”, Luke interrupted in the middle, “It’s just that there’s a girl here in front row that looks so perfect”, he joked, “and she’s distracting me”. That moment, you were pretty sure every single girl yelled their lungs out; your cheeks were as red as a tomato and everyone was probably hating that ‘girl in front row’. As the boys said their thanks, goodbyes and bowed, you saw Luke mumble something to a security guard, looking away the moment they both looked at you. As you expected, the man approached you and told you you were wanted backstage. “Oh, hey perfect girl”, Luke joked the moment you stepped backstage, waiting for you at the door. 

Ashton: “Holy fucking shit”, you said to your friend, “Ashton’s so fucking hot”. “I know!”, she exclaimed. You were both in the front row for the only show 5SOS was playing on your town. When they ended the song, there was a moment of silence, where the boys were catching the breath – and the fans as well. You took that moment as the perfect opportunity: “Drummers do it harder!”, you yelled. Every single person stared at you, some laughing and others in shock – and that includes Ashton himself, with a giant smirk on his face. “Well, I wouldn’t know if that’s true”, Calum joked and went on with the show. “(Y/N), your friend called you. “Yeah?”, you turned your attention from the boys to her. “I think Ashton’s staring at you”, she yelled in your ear. “What?! How can he stare at me and play the drums”, you turned to look at him – eyes staring into yours. “Holy shit, he is”, you turned to your friend again. At the end of the show, a security guard went up to you: “Miss, could you please follow me backstage?”. You turned to your friend, but she simply nodded. “Third door to the right”, the man told you, leaving alone. You stood outside the door for a few seconds, calming yourself down and catching your breath before knocking. “Hello”, Ashton said, opening the door. “Hi”, you smiled shyly walking in. “Don’t be shy now”, he smirked, “’Cause, you know, drummers do it harder”. 

Michael: When you heard 5SOS was coming to your town, you called your friend and you immediately got your tickets. When the doors opened, you could only think of staying front row. When the show started, you could only blame yourself because you were being smashed against the bars. “I think I’m gonna pass out”, you mumbled to your friend in the middle of the show. “Oh, God, no (Y/N), don’t”, your friend tried to calm you down, holding your waist. She tried to call for a security guard, but they either couldn’t hear through the loud music or they didn’t care. Suddenly, the music stopped playing. “Hey”, you heard Michael’s voice on the mic, “Are you okay?”. You looked up, was he talking to you? “Yeah, you”, he nodded at you, “Are you okay?”. You shook your head no. “What are you waiting?!”, Michael told the security guys, “Help the pretty girl!”, they instantly turned to take you out of the crowd, “And then please take her backstage”, he winked at you. 

Calum: “What I like about you”, you sang along, “You really know what it takes”. The moment Calum’s eyes locked with yours you froze, not able to pronounce another word. He smiled and kept on singing, looking a little bit at the other girls, but keeping most of his attention on you. “Thank you so much! We’re 5 Seconds of Summer”, Luke said and the boys bowed. “Oh my God”, your friend told you, “That was amazing!”. “Yeah”, you mumbled back, still unsure of what had just happened. You were leaving the venue when you felt a hand on your shoulder: “Excuse, but someone would like to see you backstage”. You turned, wide eyed, to your friend who’s eyes were just as wide as yours. “I’ll be right back”, you told her. You knocked on the door and Calum opened it smiling, “Hey”. “Hi”, you said back. “Quite a voice you have there”, he commented as you walked in. “Sorry what?”, you asked, pretty sure you were blushing madly. “I heard you singing back there”, he laughed, “You’re a pretty good singer”. “You think so?”, you looked at him, “Thanks”. “Yeah I do, you’re really good”, he sat and patted the place next to him for you to seat, “So, what’s your name?”. “(Y/N)”, you said, sitting down next to him.

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