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The title says it all..



Luke: "You really want to do this?", you asked Luke, teared eyes staring at his face. "Yeah," he answered, voice cracking. "But why?", the tears started falling; you couldn't hold them back. "I don't know, I guess I just stopped loving you," he whispered, lifting his head a little to look at your face, a frown forming when he saw that you were crying; sobbing after his words. "It's okay, I guess," you said, "I mean, love grows and love fades,". "I-I just want you to know it wasn't something you did. I don't want you to stay up all night wondering what you did wrong and if that made me break up with you; it's not you, it's me," he said, looking down once again. "Right," you huffed, "That's what everyone says,". "I'm sorry," he said once again, awkward silence filling the room. "It's okay, Luke," you assured, even though you were uncontrollably sobbing in his living room, "Thank you for everything," and with those words, you left his living room. Next stop? Moving on. 

Ashton: "You know what?", he yelled, "Maybe we should break up!". "What?", you yelled back, the idea of you breaking up settling in and tears forming. "Yeah, I mean, all we ever do is fight," he said, more calmly now. "Do you really want to do this?", you asked, blinking your tears away. "I don't want to, but I think it's best if we just gave this a break," he said, scratching the back of his neck and looking down. "Okay," you muttered, looking down as well and making your way to the door. "(Y/N)?", he called, and, as you turned, you hoped with all your strength that he'd tell you he was kidding, that he still loved you, "Do you want me to send your stuff back to you?". "No," you answered, involuntarily letting out a sob, followed by many tears, "I'll come pick them up tomorrow," you whispered, getting your purse and walking out the door. A break; bullshit. 

Michael: "Hey guys," you said walking into your apartment. "Hey," they answered, not looking up from the game. "Michael, do you mind helping me with these bags?", you asked, wondering why he still hadn't offered his help. "Not now, (Y/N), I'm kinda doing something," he harshly answered. Maybe it was you, but the way he used the words and said them were meant to hurt you; and you stood there for awhile while you tried to take them in. "I can help you, (Y/N)," Ashton said, all of the boys but Michael looking at you apologetically. "N-No, it's okay. Thanks, Ash," you muttered quietly, fighting back tears and going to the kitchen. It didn't take long 'till you heard the front door slam shut and someone walking into the kitchen. "What was that for?", Michael asked rudely. "Well, I should be the one asking that question," you replied using the same tone, "You were extremely rude to me out of the blue!". "And you acting like the victim made my friends leave!", he replied. "Look, Michael, I don't know if I did something to you-," he interrupted your failed attempt to apologize for nothing. "You know what? You did. You're just so annoying, (Y/N), I don't even want to be with you anymore!", he yelled. "What?!", you yelled back, tears treating to fall. "Yeah, I want to break up with you, (Y/N)!", he yelled again, louder this time. "Fine then," you sobbed, "We're done," you grabbed your stuff and walked out the door; never to come back. 

Calum: "You're so quiet, is there something wrong?", you asked Calum as you walked home from your dinner date. "Actually, there is," he said, and you made a sign for him to go on, "Look, (Y/N), I was just thinking, and I can't see us working out,". Simple, but harsh. "W-What?", you asked, hoping you had heard him wrong. "Yeah, I just can't see us going anywhere," he said, and you felt some tears falling down your cheeks. "Uh, this is awkward," you awkwardly chuckled, "I don't know if I should go home to get my stuff or if I should just leave now,". "Do whatever you want," he shrugged, but you felt you were unwanted. "I think I'll juts get my stuff tomorrow," you whispered. "That's better," he answered. You started to walk away when he called you; "Hey, (Y/N)," instantly, you turned, maybe he wanted you back already, "Take care," he smiled apologetically to you. "I will," you whispered, feeling more hot tears streaming down your cheeks, "I will," you whispered again, more to yourself this time, before walking away. It'd take awhile, but you'd get better.


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