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The title says it all..



Luke: "Ugh, I simply can't understand this," you sighed, dropping your head on your notebook. "Ah, c'mon, babe. It can't be that hard," Luke sat crossed legged behind you in your bed, massaging your tense shoulders. "It's easy for you to say, Mr. 'I'll just go touring with my band and keep studying 'cause I'm a freaking genius'," you lifted your head, resting it on his shoulder. "Here, I'll help you," he chuckled, looking at your homework. You looked up at him, face serious as if he was lost in deep thoughts - which he probably was. Unconsciously, you leaned in and pecked his cheek, lips lingering there longer than it was necessary. "(Y/N)," Luke laughed, "Are you even paying attention to what I'm saying?". Of course!", you replied in a high pitched voice. "Then what did I just say?", he asked you, eyebrows raised. "You asked me if I was paying attention to you." "God, what am I going to do with you?!", he looked at you with a funny expression before taking your face on his hands and crashing your lips together. "Let's do this:", he mumbled against your lips, "I'll explain it again and, if you get this exercise right, then I'll give you a reward." "Ooh, I like the sound of that," you pecked his lip, waiting for him to begin explaining again. 

Ashton: "Watcha doing?," Ashton asked, looking at your study table from behind your shoulder. "Studying," you replied. "Why?", he insisted. "'Cause I have an upcoming test," you sighed, knowing this conversation was going to take a while. "But studying is no fun," he whined. "It's funny you're saying that when you're not the one supposed to be studying," you laughed. "I feel your pain," he said, "Plus, I'm suffering quite a lot myself thinking of the things we could be doing while you're here studying." You rolled your eyes, not feeling tempted to answer him at the moment. The room went silent for a moment, and you wondered if Ashton had left you to study in peace - even though you hand't heard his footsteps. "I know you don't want to be sitting here and studying when you have a hot boyfriend ready to give you what you want," Ashton seductively whispered in your ear, leaving a trail of kisses down your neck. "My hot boyfriend ready to give me what I want is the reason why I'm failing in the first place," you moved your neck away from him, "And, right now, all that I want is some time to study. Could you please give me that?". "Fine, but only 'cause you look cute when you're begging," Ashton said, finally leaving you to your books - not before biting your neck. 

Michael: "Michael, do you think you can help me with my homework?", you asked your boyfriend. "Babe, I'm the one who dropped out of school to be in a band, remember?", he reminded you. "Yeah, but you surely learned something there," you shrugged. "The only thing I learned there was that it's useless," he chuckled. "C'mon, Michael. I need help," you sighed. "Okay, okay. Let me see what I can do for you," he walked over to where you were, glancing at your books, "Oh, God. It's like I'm in hell again." "C'mon, Michael," you laughed, "You don't remember anything?". "Ah, I might remember some of it. But, mostly not. Let me see," he took your pencil, scribbling some things on a piece of paper. You curiously tried to read whatever it was he was writing, but couldn't understand a thing. "Yeah, I don't remember anything about Maths," he confirmed, "But, you know, I was always pretty good at Chemistry, and I think what you and I have is something we could work on." "Oh my God, Michael, you're so cheesy," you giggled. "Hey, at least I try," he defended himself, leaning in to kiss you. 

Calum: "What is my beautiful girlfriend doing today?", Calum asked you. "Studying," you sighed, quite unhappy with that. "Need help?", he sat next to you on the bed. "Not wanting to sound rude, Cal, but you dropped out of school," you said sweetly. "That doesn't mean I wasn't a good student," he replied. "Yeah, but you'll only distract me," you stated. "Oh, I'll distract you?", he turned his head to look at you, "By doing things like this?", he put a hand on your thigh, sitting closer to you on the bed. "Or, maybe, by doing this?", Calum moved his hand higher up your thigh, leaning in closer to you. "Or something like this?", he said, connecting your lips and biting it. "Calum," you mumbled, not even sure yourself if that was a protest for him to stop or a moan as a hint to continue. "Or maybe I would distract you by looking super hot while you're trying to study," he pulled away from you completely. "Cal," you whined. "Aw, (Y/N), don't be like that," he stood up from the bed, "After all, you need to study and I'm just a rebel who dropped out of school." "Fuck you," you said under your breath, watching his smirking figure. "Better yet," he said, "Let me fuck you when you're finished," and, with a wink, he walked off.

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