Screams // Dan and Phil // Star Wars

"Who are you? What do you want from me?"

"I'm Dan and that's Phil and we're from the First Order."

Two groups, split apart by hate. One girl must find herself in the brink of war.


1. 0.0


Screams seemed to be the only sound I heard as the Tie Fighters flew around the sky. The occasional Star Fighters zoomed past, blowing up the baddies. I was 9, unable and confused. The 1st Order were good, right? So why were the resistance fighting them?

I felt a hand tightly grip my arm and I looked up, into the worried and scared eyes of my mother. She held a Blaster Rifle in her arms, undoubtedly stolen from a dead Storm Trooper. There were dozens of them, white armoured bodies laid on the ground. Dead.

"Are you okay?" My mother rushed, pushing my blonde hair out of my eyes.

I nodded, placing my hand on her cheek. Was she okay? She seemed hurt and she was bleeding.

'They'll be here soon," my mother hushed. "They'll get you and they'll care for you."

"Who mother, who?" I questioned, my voice squeaky and quite.

"The resistance." She answered, a bang and a scream was heard in the background. "They'll save you and teach you. Trust them"

I nodded, afraid but brave.

"I must go now, I love you and always will." She placed a soft kiss to my forehead, before running into battle. He skirt lifted slightly but it was long and covering. I watched as she aimed her gun, a red laser coming out and hitting a storm trooper in the face. He fell back, before falling into the sand.

My planet was small, I didn't understand. Why were they here? Did we do something? Was it my fault?

My thoughts were interrupted by a shout and I saw a man pointing a gun at me. He wore all black and had a stick of light. A lightsaber, I believed.

"Who are you?" He asked, his voice husk and almost mechanic like.

I did the first thing I thought of and checked my surroundings, they weren't here yet. My eyes spotted a dead man on the floor, Mr Robinson, my old neighbour. A gun laid next to him and I ran to it. I picked it up and points it at the man in black.

"You think you can fight me? Little girl, you don't stand a chance." The man mutters, before turning and walking away. That's weird , isn't it?

I panicked and aimed the gun up, before firing it. It caused a bang and I realised, I had hit a Tie Fighter. I had killed. I was a murderer. Tears sprung to my eyes but before I could act, so one gripped my shoulder.

Mum, she'll make it better. I turned, only to see an man.

"Let's get you out of here, kid." He smiled, well if you could call it a smile.

I quickly nodded and followed the man, hoping he could offer me peace and safety. He led me to a ship. It was bigger than a Star Fighter but smaller than the Imperial Star. The man, still a stranger to me, led me aboard.

"Welcome to the Millennium Falcon, I'm Hans Solo. What's your name?"

"Jamie, Jamie Brines."

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