You'll listen, right? (My diary)


6. May 3rd

Ugghhh!!!!! School is so boring!!!! I hate it. I literally don't even pay attention in class I just listen to some Fetty Wap. Oh well I have study hall right now, so that's cool.

After study hall we have to work on the play, I'm Humpty Dumpty!!! It's really fun actually, besides the part of me looking like a mutant due to my arm being in a sling. I fell off of a for wheeler and separated my shoulder.

I'm about to cut someone! I was walking to lunch and these girls were talking about me, they better watch out. When ever some one talks about me they die, ever heard of Jacob Wright? Exactly. Now I've started a new story about Dan and Phil and I would love it if you guys would check it out! Also thank you for all the support guys!

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