Cherry Blossoms in May (flower book #1)

The 5sos boys head to Japan to kick of their first tour! A girl named May who is a fan of the boys is also in Japan. She's staying for 2 weeks and then is heading back to America, while is a shop Mikey and May bump into each other. What will happen between them? Will they see each other ever again?


1. Prologue pt.1

Michael's P.O.V.

I was boarding the plane with my band. We were on our way to to go to Japan to start our tour. I love Japan! Anime merch, Pokémon merch. I was dosing off for most of the ride. We will have time to do stuff but I also have to perform! Which I also love. It was gonna be a long flight. So, I'm just gonna sleep.

~Hours later

I feel someone shaking me awake. It was Ash. 

"we're about to land mate" He tells me, I yawn in response. About 30 minutes later the plane lands, we're in Japan! 


May's P.O.V. 

I was visiting Japan for two weeks and one week was already up. I wanted to visit because of the cool stuff here and while I was visiting, 5sos was gonna start there concert so I got tickets. I was so excited. I was just checking out a Pokémon store when I bumped into someone, he had purple hair, eyebrow piercings, cherry blossom pink lips. He was tall too. I had brown eyes, pink hair, light shade of cherry blossom pink. We locked eyes for a second. Shít! It's Michael Clifford.

"U-Um sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you" I say awkwardly. 

"It's okay, honestly. It was my fault I should've been more careful of where I was going" He smiles at me. I smile back.

"May" I stick my hand out.

"Michael" He does the same and we shake hands. 

"You coming to the show tonight?" He asks me. I nod 

"Yeah, I'm really excited. I'm glad you guys came here coincidental while I was visiting here, I'm staying for another week" I grab a Kanato Sakamaki bear from the shelf.

"Diabolik Lovers huh?" He chuckles.

"Yeah, Kanato and Subaru are my favorites" I say 

"Well I better get going, I'll see you tonight May" He winks at me.

"See you tonight Michael" I giggle. He walks away and I continue shopping.


Michael's P.O.V. 

After I leave the store I catch up with my bandmates. 

"So who's the pretty lady?" Cal teases me.

"Her name was May, I accidentally bumped into her okay? We talked. She's cool, she's coming to the show tonight so hopefully I'll talk to her or see her again in the audience if she's sitting close enough."

"Are you kidding? With hair like that you'd see her a mile away" Luke jokes.

"Not in the Cherry Blossoms" I mutter.

"What?" Ash asks.

"Not in the Cherry Blossoms" I repeat but louder. "Her hair blends in with the Cherry Blossoms."


AN: Thanks for reading the first part of the prologue! I was thinking May was played by either

Shannon Taylor: 

Or Alex Dorame: 

Tell me who you think should play may! (I'm leaning towards more Shannon but that's just me)



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