Soul Eater - A Crona Gorgon Tale

Hey guys!
New to Movellas.. so in other words.. no idea what I'm doing! *frowns*

So I decided to publish this story!


Here it is, A Crona Gorgon Tale,
Crona is helplessly in love, will his secret spill? Will he keep it to himself? Will things take a twist?

Tell me what you think!



2. Chapter Two

I take a seat in my old scratched up and marked on desk, pulling out my pencil and notebook. My desk wobbles because of its uneven legs, so I often put a piece of folded up paper below it. I glance at the pictures drawn on my desk, and sigh. Opening my notebook to the last page, I draw an even heart and in the middle I mark it with 'C + S', as I slip into a daydream of the stunning Soul Evans. I hear the clicking of high heels down the hallway, Blair struts into the classroom with her knee high boots, pointy hat and witches outfit. The happiness is now drained from my heart as she sits on Soul's desk, managing to stuff his face into her chest, and leaving him with a nose bleed.

"Hello everyone! I'm Blair. You probably think I'm like a witch or something but nope, just a cat! In other words, I'm here to teach you today." The class groaned in distress, and after left the room in complete silence.

Before the end of class I could hear the faint whispers that travel around the room, leaving a sense of loneliness to linger through my body. I reminded myself that Maka chose to sit with Soul today, while I sat in the back with my head down and frown upon my face.

The loud bell interrupted many conversations and most left off with a small 'goodbye' or a 'see you later'. The class fled, and I waited for everyone to leave first. Maka finished grabbing her books, zipping up her bag, as her key chains dangled. She rested a palm on my shoulder.

"Crona..?" she whispered quietly.

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