Soul Eater - A Crona Gorgon Tale

Hey guys!
New to Movellas.. so in other words.. no idea what I'm doing! *frowns*

So I decided to publish this story!


Here it is, A Crona Gorgon Tale,
Crona is helplessly in love, will his secret spill? Will he keep it to himself? Will things take a twist?

Tell me what you think!



1. Chapter One

I walk down the DWMA hallway, hearing the loud obnoxious clicking and squeaking of others shoes. Maka said she'd meet me in class, but what if she doesn't show? What am I thinking, of course she will. It's the first day of grade 11, I'm such a moron for being afraid.

"Hey Crona!" BlackStar yells abruptly. I turn my head to the left slightly, taking a look out the corner of my eye. "U-uhm.. h-hi" I say softly, taking the chance to walk faster. He turns his attention back to Tsubaki, continuing their conversation about the next mission they're on. I approach the classroom marked '226' on top of the door, as I walk in I hear the clinging of the bell hit my eardrums, leaving a light ring to replay for a few seconds. My jaw drops as my eyes hit the most handsome guy.. Soul Evans. I haven't told anyone my secrets, and my biggest one would have to be my sexuality. To be honest Soul is the first guy I've ever felt that way towards.. but I'm pretty sure he has his eye on Blair. Besides, he's totally straight! I mean.. I think he is..

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