A Large Amount of Gratitude (3 Good Things)

So I’d like to share a ever growing list of fundamental things that I feel grateful for. I usually only reflect on one or a few of these things when I need to but I thought a list like this one could be helpful both for you and for me. And maybe not every item on this list works in your life, then take what works from here and create and add to put together your own list.


25. The Twenty-Fifth Day

Today I am thankful for…


73. Disney Movies for making me relive my childhood all over again.

My particular favourite one either being Beauty and the Beast (how awesome did the new trailer look btw!) or the Lion King because who doesn’t like a sing song and a heartfelt story?


74. When things go according to plan because it makes life so much easier than when you feel your path is just all obstacles and no reprieve. Exams sure do know how to make you feel stressed to the very bones of you, so when it goes right a weight is lifted.


75. For Starry nights which remind me of the whole universe out there. That just makes me wonder just how much there is out there to explore and get to know. I really want to travel the world and find out just how much is down here before I ever begin to truly wonder how much is out there besides our little planet. 

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