A Large Amount of Gratitude (3 Good Things)

So I’d like to share a ever growing list of fundamental things that I feel grateful for. I usually only reflect on one or a few of these things when I need to but I thought a list like this one could be helpful both for you and for me. And maybe not every item on this list works in your life, then take what works from here and create and add to put together your own list.


19. The Nineteenth Day

I am thankful for:

55.  All the complaining I hear about our government because we have freedom of speech and opinion.

56. For embarrassment.

The heating of the cheeks and the sweating isn’t a normal thing to be grateful for especially since I mull over it for weeks later. But this lets me know my own flaws, not one person is perfect and knowing your flaws means you are not cocky or self-righteous, you can change yourself if you feel the need to.


57. People who don’t say thank you when you hold the door open for them because I have the arms to open the door, the mind to be polite and the opportunity to practice common courtesy, in a world where it may seem that chivalry is indeed an antique art.  

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