A Large Amount of Gratitude (3 Good Things)

So I’d like to share a ever growing list of fundamental things that I feel grateful for. I usually only reflect on one or a few of these things when I need to but I thought a list like this one could be helpful both for you and for me. And maybe not every item on this list works in your life, then take what works from here and create and add to put together your own list.


15. The Fifteenth Day

43. For Fathers.

Not only for getting the humongous spider in my room but for being there and doing and being everything I need. Also for being the first man that a girl ever looks up to in her life.

44. For keyboards.

Making writing out a length of text easier and saving time in the process.

45. For puns.

Because they make me smile and drag me out of any morning blues I may face. They sure are something that can warrant many looks at quirky cards and laughs even if it’s been awhile since you’ve last heard it.


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