Forbidden lover

What can be done when you fall for a guy your parents will never approve of. What can you do when he is all you want and all you think about day and night. Wallahi This is based on a true story. And the story of Many Muslim Somali girls out there..enjoy the read.lots of love xx


3. Too close for comfort

The time flied and soon it had been one week without seeing him. In all honesty I was doing my best to avoid seeing him. I changed my bus route to avoid seeing the shop. I left earlier than usual for college and got home early too. Why go through all this you may wonder but I was trying really hard not to catch feelings. The last time I listened to my heart and went to the shop I lost control and went with the flow.. Being a Muslim girl I'm forbidden from interacting with guys especially when alone.. I think of his hands on mine...I quickly rid of that memory. Haram..haram.not only am I not allowed to interact with guys unsupervised but my parents are both born and raised in Somalia.and they both despise  me marrying or dating anyone not Somali. So seeing this guy again would put me in potential death row .i finished a couple of hours early today but decide to not go home straight away. My mind is racing. I end up buying a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. I'm not a smoker but I've heard smoking rids of stress so I buy it nevertheless. I put it in my bag and take the bus to putney bridge I get off the bus and take the river walk and find myself consumed with the birds and trees I come across a bench near a boathouse and take a seat. My mind still racing. I open the packet , take out a fag and lighten it. As I take of drags my mind begins to settle. It's like my worries are being exhaled along with the fumes. I'm supposed to be home at 5 it's currently 4:30pm but I don't feel ready to go home..I take a long drag of the cigarette my chest is burning and my legs become weak. I feel like puking I don't like it and the smell is horrendous. I decide cigarettes are not my thing and I throw the pack and lighter in the trash. I get up and make my way I arrive near my road I take a different entrance this time I descend through the back In climbing down then I bump into someone "sorry" I hear a voice as I get wedged onto the wall I look up from my phone and see HIM I'm lost for words is this fate I've been doing my best to avoid seeing him and now he just barges into me.i snap out my thoughts."it's you" I reply."hello would be nice, I did say sorry" he said smirking. "I have to go I'm  late" I snap. He just grabs my phone as I say this. I narrow my eyes what's up with thus dude is he alright I wonder. I see him dial a number  then press call. I then hear a phone call from his pocket and I laugh to myself . "You could have just asked" I say. He looks at me and says "you said you were running late" I smile he had a point. "What do I save you as?" He asks "your name?" He continues when I don't reply. Zara I state he then comes closer and says "ishaq I'm called ishaq" "can you say it" ishaq I mumble back "sounds better coming from your lips" he whispers In my ear,all of a sudden I feel very flustered. This is definitely haram...I say my  goodbyes and rush of home.  

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