Forbidden lover

What can be done when you fall for a guy your parents will never approve of. What can you do when he is all you want and all you think about day and night. Wallahi This is based on a true story. And the story of Many Muslim Somali girls out there..enjoy the read.lots of love xx


4. sleepless night

That night I kept tossing and turning. I just couldn't fall asleep. Tomorrow was my day off and I had no plans in stating home. No way was I going to tell my mom that I was free. What could I do I thought to myself. *Phone vibrates* I get up and check my phone it's a text Ishaq: Come out.Me: I can't my parents are up ishaq: then say you're taking out the trash. I laugh to myself this guy is mad me: alright hold on.i pack the rubbish in the kitchen and make my way out the door. I put the rubbish in the chute and notice ishaq waiting by the storage outside the chute he calls me over. Before I can say anything he pulls me in for a hug. All I think about is how good he smells..his scent is soo intoxicating..I push myself of him. We can't do this it's haram.. Ishaq our parents will see are you out your mind? I whisper

Sorry I got carried away..I'll text you so check your phone go home before your parents get suspicious. I sigh and rush back up the stairs. This avoiding him is not working at all... *1:30am my phone begins vibrating its a text from ishaq you free tomorrow? Me:yeah why? Ishaq: meet me at the Heath me: what time ishaq:as early as possible I want to spend the whole day with you. Me: okay since my mom thinks I have college tomorrow I'll meet ya there at 9am. Ishaq: cool see ya then Zara ;). And with that I no longer feel sleepless I doze of like a baby.. My troubles disappearing for the night

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