this is the forthcoming tale of the love story known as "honey boo boo X eren yeager"


1. She's radiating like the sun

" Yawn~" Eren opened his mouth a lengthy ton. standing up he realized he was still in SOUTHERN AMERICA

and he was outside a house. it looks to him like it a t least 8:00 am, and he has a slight tinge on a nasty tast in his mouth. 


He creeks open the mold-scented translucent backyard door, only to reveal a kitchen. " Oh great. what's this place?"

Eren analyzes the small, smelly area only for his memories from last night to slowly come back to him. " Right!!! Right. I was stuck in the middle of no where...." eren slid his finger across the oven,tracking a light dust on the tip of his finger." And a "woman" Invited me over for dinner..." he sat on the mostly-but-not-yet-Broken chair. "So now here i'am, no longer in shiganshima, my home town. Where I'm the real MVP" he closes his stupid illiterate emerald eyes to ponder,on about his sudden jolt of glee. " why.... why am I so happy?".....and then it hits him.


      No literally. some thing just hits him.



IT was.... a man... but no other man.. this man was special. This man.THIS MAN, had a gray trucker hat, with red lettering font that read in bold brash letters: " MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN". The man had an under bite and a blond translucent beard, His eyes were minuscule blue dots and he had a LARGE beer gullet. the man had a dirty black over-sized  shirt that also had writing on it. so it read: "WHITE LIVES MATTER TOO" the man's jiggly arms clutched onto a black slick pan. He was ready, to attack. like a pangolin, but only with less armor.


         he yelled.


Eren silently thought" what's a mexican?"

Jabba the- I MEAN the honey boo boos maman, or june for short, came out here with her phone out and pajamas.

but wait. this wasn't any regular PGs. oh ,no no no no, what june had on, was sexy lingerie. 


All i have to say is, it was tight everywhere, it made her look like a water balloon being constricted with small thin rubber bands around it.



Eren sat there, in agony. the giggly awful cellulite infested land mass of the being was curious and wondering why that boy is all obstructed like." waz a mattr?" it said, and it wasn't going anywhere anytime, no nonnononon no nonon no



-break fast-

Eren was served a healthy plentiful shit load of greasy popeyes. wowie. Eren Yeager was confused, just how the hell does chicken deteriorate like that? it was spongy and had a taste if man-taint. awful. gross and awful. but then someone had walked in, someone worthy of his attention. and it was honey fucking boo boo.

 the little thing was prancin' around all like, snapping her fingers, however they, her fingers were much to slippery for she had consume a mass ton of pop eyes grease chicken before. her engorged mom, with her Taiwanese torture device she called lingerie, was finally covered by the relief of a purple bathrobe. hot and good.

honey booboo complained to her mamma that she can't fit into her dresses no more,  and that her secret was runnin' out. Eren stood up like lighnting at the sound of her voice. she was raiding like the summer sun over a white pride parade. it was her, honey ba ha,  i mean boo boo.




"what r u doing???" he exclaimed and then she realized it was the dude that threw up in her towel the night before. " hey, wait-ta minyute" you're that boy that threw up on my towel yesterday! why'd u do that huh big boy?

eren was dazzled. he started to cry of happiness and joy. she called him big boy. she, honey boo bob bob was one you would call a goddess, she had all the traits of one. her radiance  her.................shoes?, her, her, her,and herself. perfect.


"aaawwwaaa" here is when Eren began his very first aneurysm. it was like a mental orgasm, but with only pain and suffering included. he passed out, yet again his time with a blissful face to it.


everyone on the table looked in disapproval. "oh great where should we take him now?"


"i know mama!"

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