Only at Halloween

the english version of the story eine halloween nacht
it happened in my Fantasy town Shangri La, where everything is possible...
english is not my native language, but i try my best


1. one

A Halloween night

Mindy dressed up for Halloween as Icarus. Actually she was already too old, but because she had traveled specially for this night to Shangri La, it didn’t matter. It had already become dark when she set off. She wanted to shudder a lot. So she had picked out some spooky houses on the Internet that she would like to explore. When she arrived at the first house on her list, she met a group of young people in front of the Gothic building. They chatted a little and walked together the dilapidated walls. As they arrived at the attic, they heard a noise from one of the corners. They all did like they were not be afraid. A shadow came towards them out of the corner and grew. A shadow with endless mouth. The teens ran away. Mindy was too curious to do so, too. As the person stepped into the light the shadow belonged to, she saw that it was someone was with claws. The man was about Mindy’s age. He said: "Why are you not running away? Are not you afraid? "

"No, what are you?" She retorted.

"Well, I could have been a serial killer."

"You couldn’t!" She knew better.

"And why not?" He was puzzled.

"Well, because it is always said about serial killers, what goods neighbors they were and you're up to Halloween in a haunted house to frighten small children!" Then he grinned. She added: "A pretty costume you have here Beast"

"My name is Billy Ray."

"And we fit together so well," she said, unperturbed, "I Icarus crashing when he flies too high and you're like King Midas, everything he is doing is to do evil even if he loves the things he touches."

"I can use my claws carefully." Said Billy Ray

"I can’t carefully avoid being close to the sun." Said Mindy.

The two hit it off splendidly. Mindy held Billy Ray the cup and put him candy in his mouth, so that he hasn’t to use his claws. They chatted all night and slept curled up at dawn.

When Mindy awoke in the morning Billy Ray was gone, but he left a note: ". Only one day a yea"

"So I come back next year to Shangri La," said Mindy to herself.


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