Words could be magic

the english version of the story worte
it happened in my Fantasy town Shangri La, where everything is possible...
english is not my native language, but i try my best


1. one


Dreama was different. She had always taped a big black patch over her mouth. People found it strange. They said: "She shouldn’t make such a big deal of it." The neighbors were referring to her speechlessness. What they did not know was that Dreama was just silent. She could speak, but anyone who heard her voice would die.

This made her sick, she felt so guilty. Actually she loved all people and every being. How glad she would be to say: "I love you.", Or she would have liked to sing.

so she hid for two centuries. But it was so lonely and she was so young and hungry for life. Especially since a new postman always found some reason to ring at her door. The new postman, Jimmy had simply cute antennas and nice rosy tentacles. her heart nearly jumped out of her chest. He accepted that she did not speak. He thought she was shy.

One Sunday (actually it is even in Shangri La unusual to deliver mail), by accident one of the stone Gargoyle fell on his head. Drama hurried to him. She knew that even the healers wouldn’t could help him. He gasped: "Oh, could you once say that you love me." -She was in a quandary. She thought: "If I do he dies." And: "It's his last wish." She knew that he would not survive anyway, but she wanted to keep him as long as possible. A tear ran down her lips. She said: "I love you." And her heart screamed with her. She kissed him on the head wound. But she did not feel that he was going to be colder, no, she could feel his warmth and she noticed that his blood disappeared, his wound was dry. He said: "I love you too." And lived


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