Let me introduce this Werewolf

the english version of the story interview eine werwölfin stellt sich vor
it happened in my Fantasy town Shangri La, where everything is possible...
english is not my native language, but i try my best


1. one

A Shangri La Citizen introduces herself

I am a werewolf goo goo g'joob. OK the text of the old Beatles song is "I am a walrus goo goo g'joob. Could I have sung if I was a walrus, but I’m not. Like you can see. Yep am a werewolf.

Actually, I'm ok with the situation. People actually interfere only at my dog ​​food breath. Then I always say: "Sorry, but I can only rely on a can, because I would never hunt!" In the subway there were smells that are worse. Here in my town it's no big deal to have a furry pout. You don’t get discriminated, - but not everybody is happy to see you. Hey, but I really wanted to say something about George Raccoonie, he is the cutest raccoon-man of town. He says he likes my whiskers.

Today we have arranged to meet in the park. We want to take one of the step-type submarines and enjoy the underwater world through the panoramic windscreen.

Honestly, I have a good feeling, because he has kittens feed breath. You guys have the opinion that it fits, right? Please say yes!

OK OK I have to go now. Are my little wolf-ears well-straightened??

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