How my grandfather taught me to fly

the english version of the story wie mein grossvater mich das fliegen lehrte
it happened in my Fantasy town Shangri La, where everything is possible...
english is not my native language, but i try my best


1. one

How my grandfather taught me to fly

My brother, when he was very small, babbled to my Daddy the slightly incomprehensible word "Daedalus". That was in my mother’s opinion so sweet that she thought she had to call their next child definitely "Icarus". And so it got me, although I am a girl. According to my namesake I try to reach for the light, to feel freedom. Therefore I wear as a symbol always feather wings on his back. I believe that thoughts are free and you can them express this way. My father thinks that I'm crazy, and my guidance counselor periodically tried to convince him that this phase passes. However, I think I’m pretty ok, and so did my grandfather, who is the only person, who understands me. He sewed even fabric wings on my teddy bear, painted images of angels with me, and our biggest project was building a flying machine, but it took only off with the rump before it was overturned. Every day after school, I went on my white Pegasus scooter to him, and we told our spinners. Our words got, so to speak wings and lifted completely off. Always I could trust him, and if I felt misunderstood, he understood me. He put his hands on my heart and looked deeply into my eyes and his mouth formed a smile when he said: ". You'll help yourself" instant I felt better and calmed down.

One day, we were building castles in the air again and let rose paper dragons in the park, my grandfather asked me to scatter its feathers in the wind. This is an ancient custom some of the Native Americans do when they die. I was shocked, although I knew my grandfather had long been ill and suffered greatly.

When he died, the World went down for me, and I could do nothing for a time. The last will of my grandpa I wanted to fulfil and distribute his ashes in the park. In addition I had a kite in his memory. I opened the urn and the ashes spread in the wind, and I thought of my grandfather deeply and how he always there for me. So I obeyed him and helped myself, I put my hand on my heart and calmed down. The wind carried the ashes into the air, and I threw my wings of the wind too, the wind carried it with it, and for the first time my wings flew.

My grandpa gave me the most valuable thing you can give a man e with a set of the relayed what he had learned in his entire life. I loved him even more and did not begrudge him his salvation.


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