My Life

You are a 17 year old teenage girl . What if your life turns into the exact opposite that you have expected ?


2. Memories

Flashback -

Just when i was even going to tell him at the airport that i loved him but i couldn't because  i didn't want our friendship to end . ~ Im so sorry Stella but I have to go on tour with one direction . I can't change it. This is my dream. You know this is my dream . ~ I knew this was going to happen one day . I mean listen to his voice . Who wouldn't think that it was beautiful ? I looked down feeling my eyes watering . He put my chin up and looked me in the eye . ~ Hey , don't cry . Everything will be alright . I will come back after a few months and you will be with your best mate again . ok ? ~ I could see a tear fall down from his cheek . I smiled and nodded my head . I hugged him tightly  ~ I wan't this friendship to last forever ~ i said smiling weakly . ~ Me too ~ He said before leaving to the airplane.

Present day -

I could feel tears falling down my eyes when i looked at Luke . (I know i cry a lot so don't judge me) . My brother knew everything that has happened between me and Luke and he could see that i was about to break down.Everyone stared at me awkwardly not knowing what to do . After a few seconds of awkwardness i then decided to run to my room . I locked the door and started to cry . I could hear Alex shout but that didn't matter to me . My own used to be best mate was a douche to me . My head started to hurt so bad but i didn't care either . I cried and cried until i fell asleep.

Alex's POV:

~ THAT is your sister Alex ? ~ Calum shouted which made us all turn around to look at her .

I saw her looking at Luke who smirked at her . I felt so sorry for her about everything that has happened between those two .

I remembered when she would cry every night herself to sleep because of him .

I saw a tear fall down her cheeks .

I knew she was going to break down .

After a awkward silence she ran up the stars and slammed the door . Everyone looked at each other like something funny has happened.

I looked at Luke who started to giggle with the boys . " What the hell man!! " i shouted looking at Luke who's face became serious ." What dude ? Whats ur problemo ? " He asked giggling .

"Oh don't act dumb with me Luke . You know what my problemo is ? That you have been acting like a total douche to my sister for about 2 years . Here is a fun fact for you : She has been crying herself to sleep all night . And finally when you come back to Sydney she was so so happy to see you again but surprisingly you had other plans . You know how sad she was ? She even would cut herself but i told her to stop . What the hell has happened between the two of you." Mikey , Ash and Cal looked surprised at every word i said . Especially Ash cuz he's been through the same cutting shit .

They didn't know my sister ..yet.

They also didn't know the relationship Luke and Stella had but now they do.

Luke looked at me guilty for a second but then he started to smirk . " You know it is not my fault that your sister couldn't make any friends while i was gone . " I felt my hand forming into a fist .

Luke's eyes widened . I wanted to punch him so bad . But instead i said " Go apologize to my sister . "  I clenched my jawline "Now ! " I said pointing at her room .

He smiled all innocent " For what ? " Mikey and Ashton looked at Luke serious .

" Okay fine " He said throwing his hands up .

He walked to her room and i could hear him gasp .


Hello people i hope you like this story of mine and please please please if u do give it a like !!! but if u don't i'm sorry for wasting ur time here .....

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