My Life

You are a 17 year old teenage girl . What if your life turns into the exact opposite that you have expected ?


3. At the hospital

Luke's POV :

I walked over to Stella's room . I kinda felt guilty for all that Stella has been trough . I swear i did not mean all of this to happen but she would do the exact same thing that i have done if she would be in my position .

I did that only to protect her from something ....

Something terrible....

I opened her door and saw her lying down covered in her blood . 

I gasped .

"FUCK !!" I shouted as i heard the boys run upstairs .

"What the hell hap-" Alex stopped . He looked shocked . 

"LOOK WHAT YOU FUCKING DICKHEAD HAVE DONE TO MY BLODDY SISTER !!! " He said screaming at me with tears streaming down his face .He formed his fist and nearly punching me in my face . Luckily Cal,Ash and Mikey pulled him away from me .

"Guys there is nothing we can do now . The only thing we can do is to go to the hospital . Everything is going to be fine." Ash said calmly. We all nodded and drove to the hospital .

Hours have passed and we were waiting to visit Stella .

Alex has been giving me the silent treatment .... and so has Calum and Michael .....

I sighed....

I guess that always when i try to protect people i hurt them even more .. But i only did this because i could not let Jessica (my "girlfriend" AKA a crazy person) ever hurt Stella .  Because if she did i would never forgive myself because... because i t-think i love her . 


Hello people of ze world !!! 

I am so sorry for this short and boring chapter buuuuuttttt......I have had loads of homework recently soooo i could not really focus on this chapter. I hope you guys have a wonderful day andddddd PEACE!!




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