Alaska is an 11 year old witch in the wizarding world. Alaska is a smart and extremely talented but not only is she talented with her subjects but has a completely different and mysterious talent which could end up being the death of her or someone else...


1. Prologue

*Note; James, Sirius and Remus used to take turns of taking care of Harry. Everytime they would say; 'You're it good luck,' and hand him over to the next one always in that order; James, Sirius and Remus.



'Look Lily!' James said and pointed out the window at a cloaked figure, 'it looks like Pete "ratted" on us.' James smiled the crooked smile that Lily loved so much.

'Oh my goodness, James. Not now!' She snapped patting Harry comfortingly on the back 

'Right sorry! Go! Lily go! I will hold him off! Go now!' said James. Lily took Harry and ran upstairs. James built himself up on the stairs. 'Reducto!' James heard from the outside. The door exploded and a hooded figure stepped inside.  The figure turned to James and set the first foot on the stairs. 'You are not touching them!' said James. He had left his wand in the living room. How foolish of him. He hoped Lily and Harry had gotten out because he knew what was going to happen know. "STUPID WORMTAIL!" He thought "We should have never trusted him. We should have known!" The figure laughed. It was a cold laugh. 'Do you really think you stand a chance against the Dark Lord without even as much as a wand?' The figure laughed again and then raised his wand. 'And so what if I'm wandless? I'll just punch you in the bloody nose- Oh wait!' My bad sorry Tommy! Or was it Timmy? Tum? Tim?' Said James and laughed 'Avada Kedavra!' James ducked and barely missed the green flash. It hit the back wall behind him. 'You can't miss it everytime! Avada Kedavra!' James jumped and the flash hit the wall next to him. He could feel Voldemort getting angrier by the second. 'You filthy little...-' James cut him off 'What mudblood? Halfblood? We all know that's you Tommy. Weren't you named after your father Tom Sr.?' James laughed 'AVADA KEDAVRA!' yelled the figure. James was unprepared and didn't miss it. He saw the green light escaping the wand and making it's way. He felt the curse hit his stomach. He felt his heartbeat stopping "You're it ....... good luck," he thought to Sirius. He heard a loud cry from Harry's room. It was Lily. She was screaming his name. 'JAMES! JAMES! DO NOT DIE JAMES! I LOVE YOU JAMES! YOU HEAR ME? I LOVE YOU! DON'T DIE! PLEASE JAMES DON'T DIE! HELP! MINERVA! ALBUS! SEV! HELP SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US! JAMES I LOVE YOU! WE NEED YOU JAMES! I NEED YOU! I LOVE YOU! James... James? JAMES! PLEASE NO!' He heard Lily crying. James felt the stairs under him. 'I... lo.. love... y... you.... Lily' said James even though he knew she could not hear him. "Lily, I'm sorry I let you down, it was my job to protect you, and I let you down, I'm sorry, I promised I'd keep you safe, and I failed, I let you down, I'm sorry, Sirius, Remus, I'm sorry I'm about to do the one thing we were supposed to do together. I'm sorry." Thought James, he moaned and his head tilted slightly. Lily locked the door, put Harry in the crib and paced in the room. "What if something happens to James? Did he have his wand? Oh my goodness! James is going to die! I have to do something!" 'AVADA KEDAVRA!' Lily heard Voldemort scream. 'Oh my god! JAMES! JAMES! DO NOT DIE JAMES! I LOVE YOU JAMES! YOU HEAR ME? I LOVE YOU! DON'T DIE! PLEASE JAMES DON'T DIE! HELP! MINERVA! ALBUS! SEV! HELP SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US! JAMES I LOVE YOU! WE NEED YOU JAMES! I NEED YOU! I LOVE YOU! James... James? JAMES! PLEASE NO!' Lily crumbled down on the floor and leant against the door. She couldn't help but cry. She remembered James's beautiful, beautiful crooked smile and smile almost curled on her lips. 'No. I hvae to stay strong. For Harry I have to stay strong!' she wiped away her tears and sat down by Harry's crib. 'Mamma loves you.' she said with tears in her eyes. 'Dadda loves you. You hear me Harry? Mamma and dadda love you ok? I need you to stay strong for me ok? I need you to be a big boy. Can you be a big boy for mamma? My beautiful baby boy.' A tear rolled down her cheek. Someone tried to open the door. She stood up with her back to the crib trying to make sure he couldn't as much as see Harry. 'Reducto' the door turned into ashes and the hooded figure stepped into the room. 'Get out of the way!' said Voldemort 'No!' said Lily firmly and stood her ground. She had lost James she wasn't about to lose Harry as well. 'I said get out of the way! NOW! You filthy little mudblood!' Voldemort pushed Lily aside and raised his wand at the 1 year old child. 'Not Harry please! Not Harry! Take me instead! Please not Harry!' begged Lily

'Sush filthy mudblood!' Lily jumped infrot of Harry.  'Have it your way then!' snapped Voldemort 'AVADA KEDAVRA!' a stabbing pain went through Lily and she screamed loudly and felt the hard ground beneath her. She heard Harry crying. She wanted to stand up. To take him in her arms. To tell him that it was all going to be alright. But she couldn't move, and then everything was black.



Severus made his way down the narrow street in Godrics Hollow. The door had already been destroyed. He couldn't hear any voices. Just a screaming baby. He stepped into the house. There was no one in the kitchen or in the living room so he made his way upstairs. There he was. Dead. James Potter was lying on the staircase dead. Probably in an act of trying to block the way for the Dark Lord. He felt a lump in his chest. Lily loved him so much. He hoped she wasn't home yet. She had told him she was going out with Molly Weasley and would first be home late. What would she say when she found her husband dead? He carefully moved along the hall to Harry's room. He carefully looked inside to check the Dark Lord wasn't there. Severus couldn't breathe. There she was. Her beautiful skin had turned white as snow and her eyes full of shok. Severus couldn't describe what he felt he was beyond sad and beyond angry at the Dark Lord. He sank to the ground and pulled Lily into his arms. Someone might as well just have ripped out his heart. Lily was his past, present and future and now she was dead... he had nothing to live for anymore he might as well be dead. He felt a tear rolling down his cheak and then another one and another and another. Severus had only cried once in his life when he called Lily a mudblood and she broke off their friendship. He didn't know how to handle it. He couldn't stop crying. Not even when he called Lily a mudblood had he ever cried this much. He cried and cried and cried. He bent down to her ear. A tear drop fel on her hair. he whispered 'I loved you, and I loved and I lost you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't protect you. I'm sorry I didn't take care of you. I'm sorry I called you that horrible word. I love you. I will always love you.'



'That is what happened that night in Godric's Hollow. Or at least so we thought...'


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