Alaska is an 11 year old witch in the wizarding world. Alaska is a smart and extremely talented but not only is she talented with her subjects but has a completely different and mysterious talent which could end up being the death of her or someone else...


2. Hogwarts

'Alaska! Alaska wake up you need to get out we are there you will miss the train!' 'What?' mumbled Alaska and opened her eyes. She had fallen asleep, and was now lookig out on Kings Cross Station. She looked on the clock. 10:50 it said. She jumped out of the car and pulled her trunk out in one quick movement. 'Mum! Mum! Come on we are late!' she said and threw her trunk on a stroller. She ran into the station  with her mother at her heals. 'Alaska wait! You are going too fast!' called Grace. Grace finally caught up with her daughter. 'This way she said,' and walked straight towards platforms 9 and 10. 'Alright just run right between those two platforms and you will be on platform 9 3/4'  said Grace, Alaska did as she was told and ran through  the wall. She felt a cold rush and then she heard voices. A load of them. She opned her eyes and looked at a sign 'Platform 9 3/4 Hogwarts express,' she read and her mother appeared behind her. 'Well go on it's already 10:55!' rushed Grace. 'Oh and here is your money for the school year,' Grace pressed a small leather bag into Alaska's hand. Alaska dragged her heavy trunk into the train. She found an almost empty cabin. A boy was sitting in it looking out the window. He had wild black hair and wore a shirt much too big for him. Alaska thought it best to not disturb him. So she moved on the the next cabin. A boy was sitting there. He had blonde hair and brown eyes. He wore a green t-shirt and a black coat. She slid the cabin door open. 'Do you mind? I can't really find anywhere else.' said Alaska 'That's alright.' said the boy. Alaska sat down opposite him and smiled. 'Um my name is Alaska.' She said and stretched out her hand to the boy. 'I'm Charlie.' said the boy and took her hand 'Who's your favorite quidditch team?' asked Alaska 'Holyhead Harpies' replied Charlie 'That's my favorite aswell! Favorite player?' asked Alaska 'Gwendolyn Morgan,' said Charlie 'What about you?' 'I think mine would be... Glynnis Griffiths because she is the seeker ad she's really good.' There came a loud whistle from the train and it started moving. 'Here we go!' said Charlie and they both leaned out the window 'Bye Mum!' called Alaska to her mum and waved until she was out of sight. Alaska leaned back and laughed. 'I can't believe we are actually going to Hogwarts!' she said and Charlie started laughing to. 'I know. Father was so thrilled!' 'What about your mother?¨' asked Alaska. 'She died when I was 5. We were out in the city and some Death Eaters who wanted back you-know-who killed her because she refused to join.' 'I am so sorry I didn't know!' said Alaska and felt terrible. 'It's not your fault and of course you didn't know,' said Charlie 'So what about your father? Did he have to work?' Alaska cleared her throat 'No he umm....I'd rather not talk about it,' a boy with swollen red eyes slid the compartment door open. 'Have you seen a toad? His name is Trevor.' 'No, but I will help you look, don't worry we'll find him.' said Alaska and got out of her seat. 'What's your name?' asked the boy 'Alaska what's yours?' 'Neville, Neville Longbottom.' They walked to the next compartment. Alaska slid the door open. A blond boy with a grey t-shirt and green eyes looked at her, another boy and a girl were sitting there two they looked very much alike except for the girl who had lines of brown in her hair. 'Have you seen a toad? Neville here has lost his,' the girl screamed and pulled her legs up to her chin. Alaska rolled her eyes and closed the compartment door again. She opened the next one and a girl with big bushy hair was sitting in the compartment. 'Have you seen a toad? Neville's lost his, again' 'Did you honestly loose it again Neville? And no, sorry,' said the girl. 'I'm sorry Neville really but I have to get back to my compartment and so should you, we need to change into our robes I think we will arrive soon, once again I am sorry.' said Alaska and went back to her compartment. She slipped her robe over her head. 'I bought you somethings from the trolly while you where gone.' said Charlie and handed her a chocolate frog, a sugar quill and a pack of Bertie Bott's every flavour beans. 'Oh you didn't have to,' she said and grabbed the small leather bag in which she had her money. 'No, no it's alright it's not like my family can't afford it.' Alaska ate the sugar quill and felt the train slowing. 'I think we have arrived,' said Alaska 'I think so to,' said Charlie 'Firs' years! Firs' year! Come on then! Don't be shy!' said a large man with wild black hair when the left the train. 'Firs' years! Over here!' Alaska and Charlie joined the crowd of children gathering around the man. Eventually the man started speaking again once he was sure all the first years had gathered around him. 'Come on then off to Hogwarts.' he said and led the children to the edge of a lake were little boats were hooked into the ground. 'Only four people per boat please we don't wanna break 'em,' said the large man. Alaska and Charlie sat in a boat. It seemed like the two extra spaces weren't needed so Alaska unhooked the boat and they followed the boat at the front in which Alaska could only see the shape of the large man.  Alaska could see the shape of a castle with tons of lights shinning through the window. 'It's beautiful...' said Alaska. The little boats carried them through a curtain of ivy which hid a wide opening in the cliff face. The little boats carried them along a dark tunnel, which took them right underneath the castle, until they reached some sort of under-ground harbour, where they clambered onto the rocks. 'So are you muggle-born, half-blood or pure-blood?' asked Alaska as the large man led them down a hall which led them to a staircase inside the castle 'Pure-blood,' replied Charlie 'What about you?' 'I''m half-blood,' said Alsaka as they climbed the stairs, were a tall woman with black hair tied into a tight bun wearing emrald green robes awaited them. 'Thank, you Hagrid, you may go,' said the woman. 'I expect you to be quiet while I am gone,' she said and left. The woman came back soon after holding a small stool with three legs, a roll of parchment and a rather old looking hat. 'Follow me she,' she said, turned and opened the large doors behind her.

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