My own Emily Scissorhands

Takes place in my Fantasy town Shangri La, where everything is possible...
it is the english version of meine eigen emily
english is not my native language, so sorry for that


1. one

My own Emily

I sat again in tears at my window, I was sad because I could not play soccer like the other kids , or anything at all to play. I was just tired I drove my wheelchair to my bed when my Dad came.

"I need to show you something," said my father, "I've given her a heart, a brain and ...."

"Let me guess: 'Courage'. Let's play Wizard of Oz, or what? "I asked in between.

"Do you want to have a friend who is like you or not?" My father was mad. I looked at him confused and he pushed my wheelchair into his workshop. -And there she was: 'Emily Scissorhands'!

"What ....... ????" I was speechless.

- "Now you have a friend, like you wanted of your favorite movie!"

- "I play 'no longer with dolls ...." And then I saw that she was alive.

"How did you? Is it a robot? "

My father simply said: "No, it's a dream."

She came happily running towards me and embraced me with her arms, gently spreading away her scissors.

"Hi Emily" -I was going to psych out, my own Emily!

"Emily, can you make it snow?"

"How come? She asked joyfully

"While carving an ice sculpture. Wait we try it first with an ice cube! "OK that was a letdown. "Let's go into the garden.", But all what happened was that mom was angry because of their bare bushes. After that I was afraid to let her hair cut. My own Emily cried. I took her in my arms and gave her a kiss. She was sobbing, I stroked her through the dark tousled hair and grimaced. She could not help, she smiled. "I can’t do any of this things, I'm probably a letdown!" She whispered. - "No, you're not !! You're not Edward, you do not have to do like he could do. You are Emily! We find out what your profession is! "

After prolonged try, I tied her paintbrushes to the shears and what can I say, every Spirograph would envious about so much precision. It was not so that she brought the colors by side, her vertebrae brought anything to be okay, in the right place.

And I knew what the strength of my own Emily was. She was no more isolated by their hands, like I was not by my wheelchair


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