Really happened in Shangri La

This tale takes place in my fantasy town Shangri La, where everything is possible...
it is the english version of echt passiert in Shangri La
english is not my native language, but i try my best


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Really happened in Shangri La

"The girl is distanced from us," said the ghost of my father. Mums ghost tried to calm "We've made this accident just a few moments ago. She comes determined immediately afterwards. "Mother nodded at me encouragingly and looked imploringly into my eyes.

But I stayed in my body. The old man was so disappointed. "We haunting now without you, or what? As long as you put your feet under my table, you listen to me, you will immediately, N-O-W become a ghost!!! "

So I jumped from the highway bridge where our car was smashed. I gave my well-behaved ghost sister an ugly gesture. Her adjustment was sickening.

Where was I now? -Oh Yes: Smash.

When I woke up in the hospital the doctor said in all seriousness, "You were lucky!"

Oh, F### ... .. But there was my ghost dad already blaming me on my bed: "Why does she never what I say?" Mother tried to appease, but I noticed that she was impatient, too. She hissed just "bubble in syringe" And her eyebrows hiked up and down.

Then the doctors did not longer think that I was a lucky one. Two minutes later, my father said: "That's my girl!"

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