The Newbie

Captains Log: Day 107: 2000 hours
New guy showed up today. It was barely sunrise when he stared banging on our door real loudly. We let him in and checked him for signs of the disease. He was clear. Just what we need: another mouth to feed. He's fast though. Managed to outrun a wave to get here. Maybe we can train him to be a runner. Hope he's better than the last few. Other than that, no news to report. I'll keep you updated. One day at a time.


1. Captains Log: Day 307

Captains Log: Day 307 

We had a situation today. Something happened that haven't seen for a long time. At 0600 hours A loud banging echoed through our entire facility. It woke everyone up in wards 3-5. Lieutenant James came with me and we found the source. It was the west entrance to the compound. We opened the porthole and we saw an adolescent boy, about 14 or 15, banging on the door. When he saw the opened porthole, he turned his face toward us and started screaming for entrance. His face was diseased with panic but we followed protocol. I pulled my face even with the glass and yelled down to him,

"My name is Captain Katherine. Can you tell me your name?" I listened for his reply. He too pulled his face up to meet mine in the glass and screamed with a voice filled with fear,

"My name is Aaron Samuels. My brothers are all Incurables. Please don't let them get me! Please let me in!" The concentrated horror in his voice shocked me. I looked down at the Lieutenant and he nodded. His motor functions and speech were unimpaired. He's not sick. I looked back down at the boy through the clouded glass one last time before I yanked the rusty door open. The strident screech from the unused hinges rang in our ears as me and James pried the door open. The boy collapsed inside and we quickly slammed the door back closed. His body shook as he lay on the floor whimpering strangled thank you's. I squatted down next to him.

"So Aaron, we are going to take you to be examined. If you show any symptoms of the plague, we throw you back out. Understand?" I spoke to him. His head snapped up and his eyes were wide He frantically grasped for my hand or my shoulders and strangled them.

"No...No... You can't do that! I can't end up like them please don't. Please... Please." His head lolled to the side and his hands release their death grip on my body. His consciousness was fading from the drugs Lieutenant injected into him. I looked up to James with a face of gratitude and got to my feet. I gave an exasperated sigh and said,

"Well, one more mouth. Take him down to ward 4. That's the closest med ward." James nodded and hoisted the frail body over his shoulder. I hadn't noticed how small and skinny the newbie was. I watched as James walked away. I saw a few people trying to catch a glance of him. The compound was just starting to wake up. I saw the Combatants headed for the gym and everyone else toward the canteen. I felt for the boy but we couldn't risk an Incurable inside the compound.

Ever since the infection almost a year ago, only a handful of people have managed to find our refuge. A few we have had to throw back (See day 27, 44, and 116). Suddenly  I heard more banging on the door, but when I turned around to look, I was greeted only by the rotting faces of the Incurables. I closed the glass porthole and checked my watch. It took 2 minutes and 37 seconds for the Incurables to reach the compound after Aaron. He had a two and a half minute lead on them. He was fast. I almost couldn't believe it. I guess I decided then that we would train him to be a runner. Our last runner died in the field two days ago. We can never keep a runner too long. Well, other than that nothing out of the ordinary happened on our 307th day. Business as usual. That's all I have to say about today. 

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