The Wicked Heart

When a scientist is involved in a hit and run incident. She decides to take the body for her current project. But will everything go as smoothly as she is expecting? Or will she lose her head?


6. turning tables

(sue struggles for a brief second and gives up. she looks at milo with shocked eyes and then squints them.)

sue- yeah, turn around.

(milo turns around quickly in shock. standing up on two feet is patient x-13 holding a large medical knife. the robot swings its right arm into milos stomach, ripping his innards apart with the medical knife. milo screams out loud and swings his arm with the electric saw towards the robot hyrbids face. the robot hybrid catches milos hand with its left arm and reverses milos arm into his own throat. slicing milos head half off. milo gurgles and falls over to the floor. sue is tied to the cart in complete shock.)

sue- it worked... youre alive!

(the robot hybrid turns over to sue and begins to raise its arm.)

sue- wait!!! i can help you, just dont hurt me... please just release me and i can help you.

(inside the robot hybrids head is no emotional triggers. but a moment of looking at sues face. the robot hybrid begins to get flashes of sue hitting him in a car. slowly computing and slightly hearing sue plead for her life in the background. the robot hybrid realizes that sue is the one who killed him.)

robot hybrid- quiet!

(sue shuts up, quivering snd crying. she is is total disbelief that patient x-13 is talking.)

robot hybrid- you killed me. you left me for dead.

sue- oh god please no!

robot hybrid- you left me for dead.

(the robot hybrid raises its arm and begins to stab sue to death. removing her head and setting it on the floor. the robot hybrid picks up milos head and places it on sues body, and begins to attach the two together."

robot hyrbid- i will call you "patient x-14"

the end

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