The Wicked Heart

When a scientist is involved in a hit and run incident. She decides to take the body for her current project. But will everything go as smoothly as she is expecting? Or will she lose her head?


3. the show must go on

was just an accident right?)

sue- ok ok, take it easy. slow down. its ok. no one is here to see you. this was just a strange man. no one will ever know what happened. besides once i get this project into motion, the entire world will over look this event if they ever find out. they will say yeah she accidentally killed a man, but she changed the course of history forever. we can forgive her. and next thing you know they will all be cheering my name. yes if it wasnt to this man, who knows what would have happened. this man has helped me change the world!

(back at the science lab. milo is holding a clip board checking levels on machinery devices. the doors to the lab burst open. sue comes in dragging a body into the lab.)

milo- oh my what has happened? who is that?

sue- i dont know, i found the body out front of the building.

milo- you found the body outside? well why didnt you call the cops?! what the hell are you doing ruining a crime scene and dragging a body into here for?!

sue- because we need a heart and this maybe the only way we will get one!

milo- are you kidding me?! we cant do that! its illegal. besides we dont know who this man is or anything about him. what if he has a disease! or even what if we get caught?!

sue- it doesnt matter! we dont have much time! if we pull this experiment off we will never have to worry again! we will be legends of the entire world. now we can stop fussing and put this body on the operating table and begin the procedure and make history, or we can send this body back outside, call the cops and have our dna found all over his body and lose our lives too. now what do you want to do?

milo- i didnt touch that body, my dna isnt on it.

sue- milo i am wearing your lab coat and your dna is on this floor. so yes your dna is involved too.

milo- god damn you sue, this better work!

sue- oh great milo! it will work! it has too!

(sue and milo begin to open up the dead corpse. the split open t

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