The Wicked Heart

When a scientist is involved in a hit and run incident. She decides to take the body for her current project. But will everything go as smoothly as she is expecting? Or will she lose her head?


1. Rush

(scene)-female scientist driving in her car. there is a strong storm outside. the rain is coming down hard and its hard to see the road ahead. the female scientist is on a handsfree phone while driving. she is talking to one of the scientist working at the office she is on her way too.

female scientist's name is sue male scientists name is milo

sue-i am on my way. what does the voltages say?

sue-that sounds about right. what kind of timing do we have left?

sue- what do you mean it's a maybe? we've been on this waiting list for over 9 months now. i couldve created a heart in that same amount of time.

sue- yes i know that would be illegal, but we have put so much time in this we cant let it go. do you realize i am living in my car? you know my ex husband has been trying to take everything from me. a storm this size only comes once every three years. i cant make it another three years struggling like this

sue- milo i know you have worked just as hard, but we need a heart no matter what. this is the breakthrough of the century, or ever in the history of man! sue- ok i will be there shortly.

(scene) sue is speeding through the woods making her way towards the office. the rain is still pouring down. the average driver would pull over and wait, but with a breakthrough like sue has, there is no time. in fact sue is racing the storm.

(sue speaking to herself)

sue- do i have the worst luck or what? seriously could my day getnany worse?

(at that moment the car lights start to flicker on and off"

sue- oh no, you got to be kidding me. please not now.

(sue begins to pound on the dashboard of the car)

sue- come on dont do this to me

( sues lights turn off for a moment. she is now driving blind. moments later the lights flash back on.)

sue- oh noo!

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