The Wicked Heart

When a scientist is involved in a hit and run incident. She decides to take the body for her current project. But will everything go as smoothly as she is expecting? Or will she lose her head?


4. let's make history

he chest and begin to recover the heart. the heart has been placed inside a glass jar.)

milo- ok we thirty minutes to get this heart transferred.

sue- bring out patient x-13

(milo begins to wheel out a cart with a white sheet covering whats on the cart. sue stares deeply at the sheet. milo reaches over and grabs a corner of the sheet and rips it off the cart. on the cart is a half man, half robot. completely wet from being defrosted. milo reaches over and grabs a slow heater and places it above patient x-13.)

sue- milo, lets make history!

(the two begins to connect the heart to the robot hybrid. after sometime the heart is fully installed into the robot hybrid and sue and milo begin to jump start the heart. sue flips a switch sending a jolt of electricity from the storm routed from a pole outside. the robot hybrid completely lights up sending shock rays off each piece of metal on its body. sue flips the switch off and the robot hybrid falls down onto the cart and relaxes. the two of them wait to see if anything has happened. its a long minute of silence. sue walks up to the body and pounds her fist onto the robot hybrids chest.)

sue- come on damnit! we did everything right! what more do you need?!

(at that moment milo is standing behind sue)

milo- an intelligent brain!

sue- what?

(milo pulls a 2x4 from behind his back and swings it right at sues face, knocking her out cold. sue begins to wake up. she cant remember what just happened. she tries to move her legs but she cant. she looks down to see that she is tied down to a cart table. sue looks over and sees the robot hybrid laying on the table still. straight ahead she sees milo washing his hands in a sink.)

sue- milo what are you doing?! untie me now!

milo- (chuckles to himself)

sue- seriously milo, let me go! what is the matter of all this?! i thought we were partners?!

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