missing you || afi

cara marsh hasn't left her house since her brother got shot. ashton irwin has tried his best to help her, but she can't escape the living hell she's stuck in.
he misses her.
they miss her.
she misses herself.


2. two

Stella's P.O.V

*one year later*

The last bell of the year began to ring. "Have a great summer, Ms. Stella. It was wonderful having you!" I just nodded my head and smiled. I raced to my locker and grabbed the remaining books in my locker. I saw Luke running down the hallway. He has changed this year. I'm not saying "I fell is love with a nerdy idiot who changed into a dick", but "I fell in love with a nerdy idiot who stayed a nerdy idiot who just is so tall he towers everyone and a quiff just adds more height." But he stayed really shy, which is cute. "Stella! Are we going to Calum's after school?" He asked, looking down to talk at me. It's weird how I'm 5'8 and he still looks down at me. "I don't know, Hemmo. I want to go get some milkshakes and bring something to someone." His face went serious. "Is it another guy? Oh my god, is it Calum? Are you cheating on me with Calum? I thought you and Bridget were friends! I mean, why not Ashton at least.." I giggled at his jealousy. "Babe, it's someone I haven't seen in a while. No need to get so jellyfish." He blushed. "I wasn't jealous, just um, worried." He mumbled, still a dark shade of red. "It's okay. Let's go to my aunt's place. She'll give it to us on the house." He nodded, and took my hand. He was such a good boyfriend, and I don't mean like all lovey and gushy and stuff. He always thinks about me first, always is there and never pressures me into anything. We walked outside, seeing other kids in our grade throwing textbooks and papers at each other. Luke unhooked his bike from the rack and helped my on the front so I was steady. He rode me on his bike in the morning, and drove me some days it was cold. "Are you comfy, Stel?" I nodded, and he drove off. "You know where it is, right?" He laughed. "Why wouldn't I? We come here on the time. And you know what's coming up?" I fluttered my eyes. "Our 1 year anniversary." I saw him smile. "Yep, and you're birthday is in exactly 3 days. All the invites are sent out, and I bought everything for it. 17 years you've been on this planet, and I've been lucky to know you for a few of them." I rolled my eyes. "You're such a ham, Hemmings." He mocked me by rolling his eyes, so I turned around and pushed him slighty. His legs were so long making him lose balance. We were in the parking lot of my aunt's restaurant, which was half grass and half cement. I fell into the grass, while Luke skidded in the hard cement. He immediately stood up and tried to run over to me, but he looked like he was limping. "Are you alright, baby?" He asked, bending down and checking my bare legs and arms for any cuts or bruises. I was just wearing jean shirts and a baby blue v-neck, so he was searching to see if I cut anything. One of my shoes fell off in the process, but Luke had the donut van shoe in his grip. "You dropped this." He spoke, and I saw that he looked like he was going cry. "Luke, are you okay? You skidded, and look at your jeans!" He looked down at his black skinny jeans, which had a tear through the middle. Some blood was inside it, and I saw him just wipe it off with his finger. He had a bleeding cut on his arm, that was pretty decently sized. "Luke, your arm! Are you okay?" He didn't respond, but instead looked at my arm. There was a small scratch, maybe the size of a pencil type and saw him break. "I hurt you! I knew I would screw this up! You don't deserve me! Just dump me now!" I saw him fall into the grass. "Aw, Luke. You have a gaping hole in your arm, and all you care about is a small scratch that didn't even cut skin. And we deserve each other, and I wouldn't dump you. It was my fault anyway, I pushed you. Let's get a milkshake, okay?" He sat up and nodded. I hugged him, which made him smile. He picked up the scrawny bike and wheeled it to the side of the building. We walked into the restaurant, while the scent of burgers and fries greeted our noses. "Stella! Are you and Luke hungry?" My aunt spoke, running over to me. She gave me tight hug, and smiled. "Not really, Aunt Missy. Just some milkshakes." She took out her notepad. "How many? It's on the house." I looked at Luke, who was trying to cover his profusely bleeding wound with napkins. "3 chocolates, 1 cookies and creme, 3 vanilla, 1 strawberry and a double chocolaty cookie dough, please. Oh, and a band-aid." She smiled. "Nobody has gotten a cookie dough, except your old friend Cara. Wonder how she is." I turned around and looked at Luke. I now think he caught on. "Whatever. I'll be right out. Here's the band-aid." She handed me the plastic item. I wiped Luke's arm and stuck it on. "Stella, are you planning to see Cara?" Silence. "Stella." I bit my lip. "Fine, but only to check in. I miss her, Luke. She was home schooled this year. And don't you see her on holidays?" He shrugged. "Not really. She doesn't leave her room. I tried to get her, but she threw a shoe at me." I laughed, but he seemed completely serious. "Mainly, I worry about your happiness. I remember when you tried to give her a get well soon card and she ripped in half right in front of you. You cried for days, and it really upset me to see you that upset." I nudged into him as he wrapped his arms around me. I leaned into kiss Luke, but then I saw something bounce off Luke's neck.  I turned around to see my two 11 year old brothers sitting in the both behind us. They were giggling and laughing at each other. "Justin! Mitchell! What are you two doing here without mom or dad?" They just laughed more. "Aunt Missy said she would make us 2:30 lunch. And we came here to see you and daddy long legs." I gave them a glare. "Why do you call him that?" More giggling. "Because you said to Bridget how he was daddy with his long legs, so know to us it's daddy long legs." I looked at Luke, and saw he was still red. We both bursted out in laughter. Aunt Missy came running out with a cooler and two milkshakes. "Here you go; one chocolate for you and one cookies and creme for um, daddy long legs." We all started to burst out in laughter again. "Thanks, Aunt Missy. I'll see you later!" Luke and I started to walk out the door. "Bye!" She waved as we exited the small facility. He looked at me and laughed. "Have you really called me "daddy"?" He asked, as I rolled my eyes. "Maybe." I hopped back on the front of his bike. "That's pretty funny." He began to pedal onto the old road. "You know where she lives?" I asked as he nodded. "Yes, I do." It was silence the rest of the ride. Luke pulled up in front of her house. So many memories flooded my head. I just shook them off as I grabbed the milkshake labeled "DCCD" and left Luke alone on his bike. "I'll be here. I love you, okay?" I smiled. "I love you, too." I walked up to the front door and rang the bell. Th door answered almost immediately, and when Cara's mom opened the door and smiled. "Stella! I haven't seen you in forever!" Mrs. Marsh pulled me into a hug. "And is that Luke out there?" He looked up from his phone. "Hey Aunt Carol!" He waved as she waved back. "Come in, Stel!" I walked in, and she sat me on the staircase. "I've tried calling and no one answered." She laughed. "We got rid of our phone." I bit my lip. "Oh, okay. I actually came her to see Cara. I brought her something. Is she here?" Mrs. Marsh's smile faded. "She's um, upstairs. Doesn't really leave that place. Head on up." I pushed my hair out of my eye. "Oh, okay. I won't be too long." I headed up the creaky staircases and slowly opened the first door on the right. Cara was on her bed, face in her laptop. "Hey." I mumbled, as she looked up for a short second. "Get out." I rolled my eyes. "I brought you this." I handed her the cup full of the creamy liquid. "Please leave, Stella. I hate you." "Cara, I need to talk to you." "I don't care! Leave-" "No, please-" "GET OUT. I don't want to talk to you. You disgust me. You're dating my cousin which means if you two get married we are kinda related!" "We used to be best friends." "It's done. Over. Just leave!" She chucked the milkshake at me. It only got my legs and the tip of my short shorts, but it still annoyed me. "You know what, I'm having a party is a few days. Come if you want!" I ran out of the room and slammed the door. "Bye, Mrs. Marsh!" I yelled, slamming the door. Luke saw me, and unwrapped his flannel from his waist. "Aw, baby." He cleaned my legs off, and wrapped the flannel around me. I wanted to cry. I wanted to die. What did I do wrong? A tear slipped down my cheek. "Aw, Stelly." He cooed, pulling me into his grip. He handed me my milkshake, and steadily secured me on the bike. He drove to Calum's, with one hand stroking my back. He carried me off and we walked around the back. It was supposed to be band practice for the guys and we just watched them, but they were all just sitting there in silence. "Hey, we brought milkshakes." Luke spoke, voice shaky. I put the cooler on the ground, and they all grabbed their drinks. "They're melted." Jade mumbled, as I saw Michael smirk. "Probably from me." She elbowed him. "Ow, I'm sorry." I rolled my eyes. "We stopped somewhere." I spoke, voice still quiet. "Stella, you look like you were crying. Did you go to Cara's again?" Bridget asked. "Maybe." Everyone in the room groaned. "All she does is hurt you, Cara." Penny explained, as I pushed the hair back out of my eye. "I know, but I miss her." I looked at Ashton who was just silent. "I miss her." He lightly spoke. "I need to get her to come to this party." Penny just groaned again. "She's not gonna come! She hates you, Stella! Please get that through your head." I just turned around and left. I didn't want to be there anymore.

Luke's P.O.V

"Penny! Why do you do that her?" I yelled, as Stella ran out the door. "I don't want her getting hurt, Luke!" I just rolled my eyes. "I say that all the time but NO. It's never Luke's opinion! It's never Luke!" I heard Michael snicker. "Aw, it's cute how they have their period at the same time." He whispered to Jade. I walked over and punched him in the face. Everyone's mouth dropped. "Oh my god. Luke. What was that about?" I just felt horrible. "Leave my girlfriend alone!" I closed and slammed the door. Before hopping on my bike to Stella's, I heard them talking. "I've never seen him act like that before." "Yeah, I didn't know he had it in him." I just rode off to Stella's afterwords.  I made it to her house and ran up to her doorstep. "Hello, Lucas. Are you here to see Stella?" I nodded. "She's upstairs. Surprised you two aren't together." I just gave her a fake smile. I raced up her huge staircase, and found her bedroom out of all the doors. I saw her sitting on her bed, face in hands. "Luke?" She asked, looking up. "Are you okay? I feel so bad-" She cut me off. "No, it's my fault. I shouldn't have just ran out like that." I hugged her. "It's okay. I was thinking on the way here, maybe we should go on a date tonight. Just you and me." She smiled. "Okay, that sounds perfect. Thanks, Luke." Her phone buzzed. She laughed. "Did you punch Michael?" I but my lip. "I'll tell you tonight."

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