missing you || afi

cara marsh hasn't left her house since her brother got shot. ashton irwin has tried his best to help her, but she can't escape the living hell she's stuck in.
he misses her.
they miss her.
she misses herself.


1. one

Cara's P.O.V

"Come on, Hemmings! Can't you run a little bit faster?" I turned around and looked at the blonde slowly running his way up the dark street. His sweatpants were sagging so from the back you probably could see his ass. "Caaarrraaa..." He whined, as I turned around at laughed at him. I stopped, as he finally made it up to me. Alex, Ashton, Calum, Michael, Penny, Bridget, Stella and Jade were feet ahead of us, running and laughing. "It's 12 at night! Do you expect me to be ready to run a marathon?" I smiled at him. "You should at least be a little happier, baby cousin." He rolled his eyes at me. "Oh my god, you're two months older than me!" Sweat was dripping down the edges of his hair. "Whatever, Hemmo. But it's cool your parents let you bring down all of us." He shrugged. "They don't care. I'm pretty surprised they didn't hear us sneaking out." I grabbed his hand and decided to pull him a little bit faster. "We need to get to the beach. Don't you want to ask out Stella?" I asked, seeing Luke turn a shade of red. "Maybe. But don't you want Ashton to ask you out?" I felt myself swoon. Ashton. His name beautifully rolled off Luke's tongue. He was so perfect. It's actually pretty great they we are a really type group of friends. My twin brother, Alex, was dating one of my best friends, which I really didn't care about, Penny. Calum was dating Bridget and Michael was dating Jade, which leaves me, Stella, Luke and Ashton. Stella is my best friend in the whole world, and Luke has liked her for the longest time. Kind of the same thing for Ashton and I. Luke and Ashton are really close friends, and I've liked Ashton for pretty long. Back to Alex, beside Stella, he's one of my best friends. I would be nothing without him, as he is my rock. Luke cut off my train of thought by tapping my shoulder. "Don't you, though?" I just ignored him. We reached the tides of the beach, and saw everyone else dancing and smiling. "Come on, you two!" Stella shouted, grabbing Luke and I's hands. I saw Luke blush again, and Stella smiled. I released myself from Stella's grip, and left those two alone. I walked over to everyone else who was dancing to some song by Katy Perry. I hung out with Jade for a while, listening to the music that wasn't quiet, but wasn't loud enough to wake the neighbors that were sleeping. Chasing cars came on, which was one of my favorite songs. I saw Luke and Stella dancing together, and were kissing each other. Every other couple was dancing, but I just sat on the cooler. I saw Ashton walk over to me, with a huge smile. "Hey, Cara. Do you want to dance?" I smiled back at him. "I would love to." I wrapped my arm around his shoulders, as he rested his head above mine. I could smell the liquor on his lips. "I've been wanting to do this for forever." He mumbled, smiling again, showing his dimples. "So have I." I stared into his dashing hazel eyes and slowly moved my lips towards his. Before I knew it, I was kissing him. It was so beautiful, so precise. The song ended a while ago, so everyone was gone around us. Ashton took my down to the edge of the water and our ankles slowly waded in the shallow water. "Cara, I really like you. Like a lot." I felt myself turning red. "I guess, I could say the same. I've liked you for a while, Ash." I saw him bite his lip. "Cara, will you my girlfriend-" He was cut off by a loud noise. At first, I didn't recognize what it was. Then it hit me. It was a gun shot. "CARA!" A voice yelled, which was probably Luke's. I ran over and saw something I never wanted to see again. It was brother's dead body, covered in blood. He got shot in the head. He had a hole in his head. I started to cry. I wanted to rip myself to shreds. "What are you kids doing here?" A man asked, holding a shot gun. My mouth dropped. "You just shot my fucKING BROTHER!" I yelled, tears streaming down my face. "I thought he was gonna steal my boat!" He yelled, before I saw the boat sitting about 10 feet away from us. The man darted away, as I felt my insides crumble. Stella pulled me into a hug. "Cara, Luke is calling the police. It's gonna be okay." I pushed her away from me. "No it's not, Stella! You have a perfect life! You're pretty and skinny, you're one of richest kids going into the junior year, you're smart and you have an alive brother! It's not always gonna be sunshine and bubblegum!" I saw a tear stream down her cheek. "I'm always going to be here. You are going to try to push me away, but I won't leave. But-" She was cut off my sirens. Ashton tried to take my hand. "Car, come with me-" I ran. I don't know where I wanted to go but anywhere but here. I just wanted to be home. With Alex.

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