Alligator Tongues

A compilation book of some poetry/songs/vignettes etc. I've written....

They're often based of real emotions and/or events that me, someone I know, or someone I'm close to has experienced.
May sometimes contains dark and sensitive topics - you have been warned.


6. Pressure

go on, go on
just do it.
No one else but you two will know.
Do it.
Just, do it.
Make him happy, make them happy
'I'm sorry.'
'Idk, I just am..'

I've been here a thousand times
Always the same conversation.
Not now.
Then when?
Don't you lead me on

Are you mad at me?
Hard to tell.
You say your tired
you give excuses,
What's the backbone meaning?

Why do I suffer for what I believe in?
Why can't I stand my ground without feeling guilty?
Invisible Pressure.

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