Alligator Tongues

A compilation book of some poetry/songs/vignettes etc. I've written....

They're often based of real emotions and/or events that me, someone I know, or someone I'm close to has experienced.
May sometimes contains dark and sensitive topics - you have been warned.


5. Earth Bound

I hate you with my soul and my entirety.

You make me want to slit my wrists

No one else have ever hurt me like this

I'm a mistake, and sure

I helped you push to be successful

but successful in what?

Not in parenting


You hurt me

You're supposed to be my friend

You're supposed to be there for me

Not to hurt me or to tear me down

Oh God in this feeling I drown


I dream I'm in a state where my feet hover above the ground

Yeah, it's a shame I'm Earthbound.

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