One Day at a Time

Walking home with Ava was more fun than ever. Sometimes I got scared walking by myself. I could tell that Ava was tired. I knew she was wondering how I managed. I just tend to take it one day at a time.Then, around the corner, I knew the Bed and Breakfast was here. I could see the pointed roof peeking from behind the trees. We were here. And we walked in.

One Day at a Time is the second part of the One by One Series. Told by Charlotte, this story is a continuation from One Step at a Time. Please Read One Step at A Time before reading One Day at a Time. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions or ideas! Thank you, and enjoy!


5. Lilly and Katie

If there were Fairies of Kindness, they would be Lilly and Katie. They have chestnut brown hair, grown long and relatively straight. They have brown eyes and can do some pretty cool tricks. They told me they had  Gymnastics Lessons before.... well you know, whatever got them here. I decided not to ask.

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