hes a player and she is a good girl. falling for him was like stepping on titanic


2. Perfect date

Cornelia's point of view



"are you nervous?" Ashley asked as we sat in last period. "nope." i said biting my lip. "she's lying." Hailey said and i rolled my eyes. "10 minutes." Ashley whispered as i watched the clock. "guys stop. i am  okay." i snapped and teacher raised an eye brow to me and continued teaching. "woah. chill.it's okay to be nervous. i would be too. if hella fine dude would have literally carried me to doctor. i mean really?! i didn't know that guys like that still exist." Ashley whispered and Hailey nodded for agreement. i rolled my eyes again and they just rolled their eyes back at me. the bell rang. my heart was going to burst  from  my chest. i left my books to my locker since i didn't get any home work. Dominic asked me out and today after school he was going to pick me up from school. was i nervous? hell yes. my last boyfriend and first boyfriend never took me out at Date, yeah thats story for another day. my heart literally jumped from my chest as i saw Dominic leaning against shiny red Porche 718 Boxter. what the fuck?! the guy had a freaking porche ? who was this guy?! I realized i knew nothing about him. only his first name. Ashley's and Hailey's mouths hang wide open like probably the others who were at that parking lot. Dominic had sun classes on and looked absolutely sexy. what kind of joke was this? girl like me going on date with guy like him. Dominic took his sunglasses smiling as he looked straight into my eyes. i smiled nervously back and said 'bye's to my friends who just nod and looked at me like they had seen an alien. "hey." he said and world around us turned to mute. i only saw him. he opened the freaking door for me and then walked to the other side of the car to drivers seat. "lets get out of here." he said with small laugh as i realized that he meant the all the stares what people were giving to us. "yeah. sure." i said giving a soft smile to him. "are you going to tell me where are you taking me?" i asked as we drove. "then it wouldn't be a surprise." he said. "what ever." i said playfully and he just smirked. i tried not to stare at him too much as he drove. the car parked in front of the big aquarium centre. i gave him a puzzled look. he took me to aquarium."i see you were not expecting this." he said with small laugh as we walked in. "yeah.not really." i said. the first aquarium was full of jelly fishes.we saw all kind of fishes and sharks of course. my favorite part was the penguins. i have no idea how long we were there but it was much of fun. "thanks for bringing me here. i really liked it." i said as we walked out. "no problem. you want a penguin?" he asked. "what?" i laugh. he pointed the shop were was tiny stuffed penguin. "awwn  its so cute. you really don't have to as he took my hand and we walked into the shop. "i know i don't have to. but i want to." he said taking the small stuffed penguin toy. we made our way back to the car. he was still holding my hand and i didn't mind at all and at my other hand i was holding the toy penguin." what are you gonna name it?" he asked pointing the toy as we were next to the car. "i haven't though it yet."  i said raising the toy to have better look at me. "splashy." i said and he raised his eye brow smiling at me. i blushed. "splashy?" he asked. "yeah, you know when they jump to the water... and it sounds like splash." i explained. i was redder than tomato. he started to laugh and i felt super embraced. how childish  was i. i can't believe i am this awkward. if i could only disappear  now. "gosh.it sounded so silly." i mumbled awkwardly. he took hold of my waist and i gasped a little. "now it wasn't.it was cute. you are so cute."he said looking at me with his piercing blue eyes as he smiled sweetly. i blushed harder. "i think Splashy is a great name for it." he said pulling me closer. he studied my face and his eyes landed to my lips,my heart was pounding in my chest. he leaned in and i did the same feeling strong need to feel his lips against mine and then they did. the kiss was soft,slow and gently. my stomach was on jumping backflips as he pulled me closer and my fingers found their way to his soft hair. we pulled away to catch a breath and my lips were swollen and i wanted him to kiss me again.again and again. he gave me soft smile. he pecked my lips again before we decided to head back. "thank you. i had such a nice time." i said as he walked me to my door. "no thanks to you for letting me to take you out."he said. i smiled to him biting my lip and his eyes automatically dropped to my lips. "see you?" i said as i reached my back for my keys. "yeah.hopefully soon." he said his voice sounding bit  huskier than it was few moments ago his strong arms took me by my waist gently pushing me against the door as he kissed me again slowly and gently. "what are you doing to me." i heard him mumble as we had said our byes and i closed the door. i barely knew him and he was making me feel so much things. i made my way to my room and later that night before i closed my eyes i knew that i was starting to catch feelings.

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