hes a player and she is a good girl. falling for him was like stepping on titanic


1. he's perfect

Cornelia's point of view


warm spring wind touched my hair the sun was shinning and there was finally some hints of summer. i sat on park doing my homework waiting my friends to arrive. Ashley and Hailey came and i had just finished my math homework. "Wayne is playing. can we go watch his game. please." Hailey said. "yeah sure." Ashley and i smirked we knew that Hailey had big crush on this football player. we sat on bench Hailey couldn't get her eyes of Wayne who was playing on the field and kept giving wide smiles to drooling Hailey. me and Ashley just laugh at her. "he's so cute." Hailey said and we just rolled our eyes. my stomach growled and i realized that i hadn't eaten anything since school. "guys i am going to grab something to eat from near snack bar you want anything?" i asked getting up. "No thanks." Ashley said and Hailey didn't even hear me. i made my way to of the bench and made my way to the bar. have i ever told you how unlucky person i am? well heres a prove. as took steps closer to buy food something painfully big and hard hit me and i stumbled to the ground i winched in pain closing my eyes as i hit to the tarmac hard. "Gosh Austin you hit the poor girl!" i heard voice and footsteps. i opened my eyes and saw that i was surrounded by guys who where maybe few years older than i. great. "look what you did." the voice snapped to the guy who i assume threw the basketball ball. a guy with light brown hair kneeled down in front of me and looked at my bleeding knees. "are you okay? where is it hurting?" he asked softly looking at me. "my wrist." i cried out. i couldn't move it, it was hurting like a bitch. "shit. it looks bad." he said. "can you move it?" he asked. i shook my head tears running down my cheeks. i was crying like a baby in front of handsome guy."okay lets get you up." he said. i nod. he and some other guy helped me get on my feet but when they slowly let go i felt my knees giving in. seriously! the other guy quickly catch me before i would had stumbled to the ground again. i was lifted up. he was carrying me. "i am going to take her to doctor." he said and the others nodded. "i am so sorry." the guy who i assumed threw the ball said looking super guilty. i felt bad for him even though i  was hurting like a bitch. "it was accident. its no ones fault." i said and he nod.  the strong stranger was carrying me from the sport center to doctor. "i am Dominick by the way. "he said i turned my head to look at him and he gave me a smile i blushed and turned my head back. "Autumn." i said.the health center was near and soon we were there he placed me to chair on the waiting room. soon the doctor came. "you want me to come with you?" he asked. i nod shyly he smiled and followed me as the doctor called me. luckily this time i could walk. they cleaned my knees and as they scanned my arm it was broken and i got wrist wrap. "thank you. for everything." i said after we got out. "its okay." he said. was he real. as we walked back to the sport center Ashley and Hailey ruined worried to me. "where the hell where you?!" they said and stared socked at my hand and then to Dominic. "oh hey." they said to Dominic who gave a polite wave. "we have to go now! Wayne and Emmet are waiting us!" Hailey said. "um okay?" i said. "i have to go. thanks again." i said to Dominic. "oh its okay. it was nice to meet you." he said and i smiled then he was taking a step to leave but stopped. "um can i have your number?" he asked smiling biting his lip and i melted and heard Ashley and Hailey giggle and wolf whistle behind me. "sure." i said and we changed numbers. little did i know that i had just met someone so destructive. 

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