The Beast Inside

The Titans have united with old allies to defeat the great threat that is Slade once again but it is not a simple task, for the masked mastermind has assembled an army of fearsome villains to help his cause. Robin's plan was simple: find a way to breach the walls of the citadel and then unite their strength to defeat their nemesis. It was going quite smoothly until Raven got taken away before Beast Boy's eyes. Then it went from bad to worse when Robin got captured as Starfire was supposed to watch his back. Both the green teen and the tamarean princess are deeply affected by this. Cyborg, who is barely able to fight after being injured, can only hope to calm them down and get the team back on tracks. The Teen Titans' power does not reside only in their powers, and the half machine man knows that all too well, but will he be able to convey this to them? He can't help but wonder, however, what Slade's plan is and why some of the Titans are behaving strangely...


3. Chapter 3 - The Boy Wonder

He had been fighting side by side with Starfire against a dozen Slade bots and two of the super villains: Cinderblock and Dr. Light. They had been continuously and masterfully been using a hit-and-run technique for the past few minutes now, taking down half the bots and unexpectedly managing to also take down Dr. Light with a move from Starfire, who had thrown two of the bots on the self-proclaimed man of medicine. Only Cinderblock remained and a few of the bots, but as much as Robin wanted to take him down, his attack were not dealing much damage to the villain. He had left the rock giant to Starfire, knowing her powers would be more effective against him and had focused on the bots instead, destroying another four of them before he had seen Cinderblock down the alien princess with a powerful punch, leaving her breathless on the ground.


He had decapitated one of the two remaining robots before running to his partner and taking her out of the way of a giant foot stomp from Cinderblock.

"Are you okay?", he had asked once they had rolled away from the villain.

Starfire had looked dizzily at him and had taken a few seconds to mutter an answer.

"Yes Robin, I am fine," she had replied with a smile he had guessed was slightly forced.

He had helped her get back on her feet and had turned his full attention back to Cinderblock.

"Let's go Star !", they had both jumped directly at the giant and with a few well placed and coordinated attacks and taken him down, preventing him to get back up by pining him down with steel rope from Robin's belt.

Unfortunately it didn't work for long as the giant had immediately started straining on the ropes to free himself. As one of them had broken another bot, a dozen more had almost instantly surrounded them, focusing on Starfire. Unfortunately as Robin had been about to jump at them to help her he'd been hit on the side by Adonis, clad in his super powered armor. Before he could get up the villain in red had locked him on the ground with a kick, breaking a few of the boy wonder's ribs with a nasty crack in the process. Robin had groaned, drawing Starfire's attention.

"Robin!", she had shouted, jumping over the robots towards him only to be stopped by one of Cinderblock's arms that he had managed to break free.

The giant had ripped the rest of the steel cables and had stood back up slowly as Starfire had jumped again. She hadn't been able to reach her partner however, being forced to slow down by Cinderblock's attacks, which had allowed the bots to grab at her and to pull her back. She had seen Adonis load the now unconscious leader of the Titans on his shoulder and run back towards the huge stone building.

"ROBIN!", she had shouted again, breaking free of the bots and wrecking half of them in one shot as anger slowly started rising inside her.

Cinderblock had thrown himself at her, forcing her to once again back off. She had snarled at him and had grabbed his leg, managing to lift him up and throw him on the side. But as the way cleared it was already too late, Adonis had almost reached the gates. The bots had once again jumped at her, soon joined by a third wave, and a fourth, overpowering her. It had taken an intervention from Bumblebee, who had jumped in to take down a large enough number of bots to allow Starfire a moment to recover. She had looked back towards the citadel but the boy wonder was not visible anywhere anymore. She roared and tried to fly to him but Bumblebee called her before she could do anything.

"Dont Star! You can't go after him now, you won't make it to the doors on your own!"

"But-!", the red-haired alien had started to object as the black girl with wings was flying towards her.

"You can't. We have to do this together or we won't make it. Think about Robin's plan, we need to stay together!"

Starfire looked down, utterly dejected. How could she have let him get captured right under her nose? She was about to let her tears flow when Bumblebee put a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, we'll get him back. But for now we have to work together, understood?"

Starfire nodded.

"I know friend Bumblebee but I couldn't do anything… What if he gets hurt because of me? What if he dies? I couldn't live with that…"

"No! He will be fine, we have to believe in him! But now we need your help, Slade's army has the upper hand right now so snap out of it and fight them! That is the only way to save him."

"Yes. I will do the fighting then to save friend Robin!" Said Starfire with a determined look on her face.

Cinderblock had risen back up again and was coming back towards her, so she jumped towards him and pounded the rock giant ferociously as the other girl took off to smash the remaining Slade bots around them.

As she had looked around, the girl dressed in black and yellow had seen that each Titan was fighting with all their might, tearing through the bots and pushing back the villains. Water and arrows were flying all around, thunder was falling down as a flash of yellow circled though the enemy ranks, destabilizing them and pushing them into each other. Energy trails lit the now darkening battleground, portals sucked in enemies from time to time and a young girl turning into diamond was wielded around by a huge man who took down bots with apparent ease.

But despite all this the enemy still kept coming at them and they were constantly outnumbered by Slade's forces. Could they win? Bumblebee wasn't sure anymore. With Robin by their side it seemed possible, but now? With Raven nowhere to be seen two of their greatest assets were gone. But green flashes had caught her eye on the right. She had seen Starfire viciously taking down Slade bots and at the same time overpowering Cinderblock. No, they had to believe in each other. They could do it and she was going to see their plan through! With renewed motivation she had launched herself back into battle, appearing behind Mammoth as he was trying to surprise an already busy Aqualad and whacking him on the head with her B shaped weapons.

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