The Beast Inside

The Titans have united with old allies to defeat the great threat that is Slade once again but it is not a simple task, for the masked mastermind has assembled an army of fearsome villains to help his cause. Robin's plan was simple: find a way to breach the walls of the citadel and then unite their strength to defeat their nemesis. It was going quite smoothly until Raven got taken away before Beast Boy's eyes. Then it went from bad to worse when Robin got captured as Starfire was supposed to watch his back. Both the green teen and the tamarean princess are deeply affected by this. Cyborg, who is barely able to fight after being injured, can only hope to calm them down and get the team back on tracks. The Teen Titans' power does not reside only in their powers, and the half machine man knows that all too well, but will he be able to convey this to them? He can't help but wonder, however, what Slade's plan is and why some of the Titans are behaving strangely...


17. Chapter 17 - The Speedy and the Speedster

Kid Flash had entered the room a few minutes before the two Titans. He had made the mistake of directly running in and not looking around, only focusing on the throne that lay at on end and the shackled Robin on the left. He had not seen the villain clad in green with a grinning mask until the last moment. Cheshire had slashed at him from behind with her claws and, though he had been barely hit, he felt the effects of the poison slowly making him dizzy. He was already slower to react when a few seconds later See-More and Private Hive had burst in and had immediately started attacking him.

As Beast Boy and Starfire arrived, he was running around, trying to escape from the poisonous clutches of Cheshire while jumping away from Private Hive's shield guided by See-More's acute eye. He barely noticed his friends until they appeared by his side, Starfire blasting the shield away and Beast Boy tackling Cheshire with a huge bear paw.

"Hey guys!", he exclaimed with a smile that he tried to keep confident. "Nice to see you here!"

"You okay?", asked Beast Boy as he backed away from the deadly brunette assassin.

"Yeah, I'm fine," replied the speedster, noticing the green teen's worried look he winked as convincingly as possible.

He knew he had to make them focus on their enemies or they would notice how white his face was at the moment, but he didn't need to think of an excuse as Starfire provided him with one.

"Robin!", she exclaimed almost flying over to the leader of the Titans.

Or she would have if Kid hadn't stopped her by extending his arm.

"Careful Starfire! I've been meaning to get him out of there but these three won't let me. We have to take them down before we can get close," he saw she was about to protest. "Don't worry, he's alright, just unconscious," he added quickly, hoping she would not act rashly.

"He's right," Beast Boy added, "we have to take them down or we won't even have a chance to help him."

She frowned but did not move, Kid Flash thanked the changeling silently and turned back to the villains who had backed away and were ready to counter attack the moment they moved.

"We have to take down See-More first, he's coordinating their movements and I can't get to them."

"I'll take care of that!", confidently replied the alien princess. "Friend Beast Boy, you must take down Cheshire," she added, turning towards her friend.

"No, I'll take her!", quickly cut in the speedster.

He showed his wound to his friends as they looked at him quizzically and they both nodded silently.

"Then I'll go after Private Hive. On three?", asked Beast Boy.

The three of them got ready and when three echoed in their heads they jumped. Starfire took flight and shot a barrage of energy balls at See-More, preventing him from helping his comrades but not managing to hit him. Cheshire jumped at her but, even though he was feeling dizzy, Kid Flash was faster and ran at her, forcing the assassin to retreat. Private Hive was about to charge at him when he suddenly came face to face with a green half-wolf half-human beast, he only had time to raise his shield before he got hit full force by a huge clawed paw. He was pushed back a few meters but held on, getting ready to attack again. He jumped out of the way of a large bull but was surprised to see it change into a Sasquatch at the last moment and jerk his shield from him with a punch. He fell on the floor and didn't have time to look up before a huge tail struck him in the chest, leaving him with no more air in the lungs. He was propelled towards the wall and almost immediately lost consciousness, receiving one last punch from the Sasquatch.

As Beast Boy downed his opponent with a series of quick attacks he looked around and picked up the villain's shield. He saw Starfire zooming in a thick cloud of dust and a few seconds later saw See-More fly out and crash on the floor.

The villain was already getting up, he prepared to shoot a laser beam at the alien princess as she flew out of the smoke, chasing after him. Starfire had noticed it and was already preparing an evasive maneuver but she didn't have to use it as Beast Boy threw the shield right in the villain's eye, hitting him hard enough to give Star the time to close in the distance and finishing him with a right hook. They were running towards the unconscious wonder boy when they heard a cry. Beast Boy turned around and saw Speed on the ground, holding a bleeding arm and Cheshire over him, ready to kill. He yelled and prepared to jump but he was too far. As she leaned in for the kill the assassin was pushed back by an explosive arrow in her mask coming from the wide opening not far from where the speedster had fallen. Another arrow zoomed through the opening, sticking itself into the ceiling. It was linked to a rope and right after a third arrow flew in, pinning Cheshire where she was. A young man clad in red jumped from the rope into the room.

"Well, well, well. I'd never had hoped to see the legendary Kid Flash so down after running after such a charming lady!", he exclaimed with a grin as he helped the speedster get up, all the while keeping an eye on the masked brunette.

"Oh shut up and just get me to the wall Speedy!", replied the other redhead. "I was careless but even in this state I'm not as weak as you!", he added tauntingly as he leaned on the Beast Boy who had just arrived.

The Titan known as Red Arrow scoffed before turning back to Cheshire who had gotten free of the arrow and now growled menacingly at him.

"I'll take care of her, just get him somewhere he can gather his wits, he obviously doesn't know what he's saying the poor lad," Beast Boy sighed as the speedster prepared a snarky reply.

"Shut up Wally!", he exclaimed as he smacked the fastest Titan on the head and sat him down near the opposite wall, shutting his friend up for a moment. "Now, let me see that wound."

He asked as he changed back into a wolf and licked the deep cut on the arm. Noticing Kid Flash's surprised and disgusted face he simply smirked.

"Animals lick their wounds to prevent infection, don't worry, my saliva isn't so disgusting. Though it stinks a bit." He had muttered that last part and his grin got even wider as he saw the shock spreading on the speedster's face.

The green changeling quickly evaded a punch to his arm from Kid Flash and stepped back.

"At least you still seem quite vigorous, good news!", he joked again as the fast runner got back up, seeming a bit better.

"That is so not your doing BB, so don't gloat over it!", he glanced angrily at the assassin who was now trying to get through the multiple arrows that Speedy was shooting at her to cut his throat but followed Beast Boy towards the leader of the Teen Titans as Starfire called them.

She had torn open the chains that bound him to the ground and he was lying unconscious in her arms.

"He said something about Raven!", she exclaimed as they got closer, "I think she was taken away by Slade a bit earlier, he talked about doing something with her but I don't know what…" She said, clearly alarmed as she softly stroked the boy wonder's hair.

Beast Boy's eyes got wider and he felt anger swell once more inside him, his fists clenched.

"He told me they went that way before fainting," she added pointing towards the end of the room. Beast Boy was about to jump towards the darkest part of the large hall before a roaring laugh coming from just there stopped him.

"Well, well, look who we have here!", a booming voice said. "The little witch's friends coming to save her!"

The voice laughed as the silhouette of a man appeared from the darkness. Suddenly it morphed and a dark purple dragon was standing behind the throne, exposing his sharp white teeth in a wide mocking grin.

"Malchior!", spat Beast Boy.

"Oh, the green insect seems angry…", mocked Malchior, "and the princess is holding her prince, too bad I didn't come back earlier, I would've immensely enjoyed taking a bite of the boy wonder before your eyes!"

As he finished his sentence several things happened at the same time. Beast Bow growled, ready to attack but someone put a hand on his arm. He turned to his side to see Starfire holding him back.

"Ill take care of him…" She simply said in an emotionless voice that was quite uncharacteristic of her, her eyes fixed on the dragon.

That sent chills to the green changeling. The alien princess was not showing any sign but the green changeling could feel anger boiling inside her, her usually sweet perfume had become acid and spicy. He took a step back unconsciously, never having smelled his cheerful friend so angry. Before he could reply Starfire disappeared from his sight and he heard a loud roar as she collided with the dragon, tackling him into the wall on the right on the throne and disappearing into the night sky. As he looked through the huge gap they had created in the stones he could only see an intense bright green glow emanating from her.

At the same time as Starfire had jumped at Malchior, Cheshire had managed to evade one of Speedy's arrows and had retreated into the corridor. He had ran after her yelling to his friends he was going to take her down before disappearing.

"Oh, and the others are coming, they should be there soon!", he had added, his voice barely reaching them.

Now that the room was empty except for him, Robin and Kid Flash, Beast Boy looked around. The two unconscious villains still lay there, wel, unconscious. He also saw the speedster kneeling over Robin and checking his vital signs.

"He's okay for now," he said as he looked back up towards the green teen. "I'll take him somewhere safe and get him treated. You go after her, I'll come back as soon as I can with the others."

"Go!", he exclaimed as he took Robin in his arms and started walking towards the doors.

Beast Boy simply nodded and, as he turned around to the dark end of the room, he felt it. Her smell. It was still floating around the room, even thought it was very faint.

This made the choice obvious. He felt his anger rise once more and let it take over him, though this time it was somewhat different from the usual. He could still think clearly, his mind wasn't clouded like the last times he had changed into the Beast and the usually bloodthirsty voice didn't roar for blood. This time it stayed silent, supporting him from the shadows and not taking over. The green changeling took off and was rapidly engulfed by the darkness.

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