Hetalia Fanfiction Critiques

Hello! This is where I will critique Hetalia fanfictions! You can ask me to critique your fanfiction, and I am more than likely to do it!


1. Introduction!

Hello! This is Dreamer here, and this is, as you can tell, a Hetalia fanfiction critique story. I hope to help all those Hetalians who aspire to become better fanfiction writers, and I hope I won't sound too harsh in my critiques.

Please do not be offended if I leave a bad critique on your fanfiction. Critiques are meant to help you improve, and if I leave a bad critique, you can just use it to become better! If you are sensitive and can't seem to handle a critique, then I suggest that you don't ask me to critique you. I don't go easy.

Well, without further ado, I hope you all ask for a critique!

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