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1. Chapter 1






"Please" I begged pulling off the puppy face. "Just this once." "Fine, but you might as well get ready and pack up now because were gonna leave in about an hour." He said while walking away to take a seat on the couch.

As soon as he said that I ran upstairs to my bedroom. I grabbed my suitcase and packed my things like makeup, clothes, books, my laptop etc. I then changed into my outfit and did my makeup which contains a little bit of mascara and eye shadow with some lip gloss. I walked back downstairs with my suitcase behind me. I grabbed a apple from the kitchen and sat down on the couch in the living room. I've been so busy packing up my stuff and worrying about myself I haven't had time to introduce myself.

My names Madeline Mendes but I like to be called Mads or Maddie. The last name rings a bell doesn't? Well my brother is Shawn Mendes so it probably does. The reason I was arguing with him earlier is because I really badly wanted to go on magcon tour with him and his friends and thank goodness he let me come. Anyways my favorite color is blue. I love magcon, reading, math, watching videos on Youtube, of course music, and a lot more. I'm famous because of my vines. My favorite magcon member is Cameron Dallas. I guess that's all I have to say.

"Mad's we gotta go and meet the boys. I told them I would be there by 11:00." Shawn said I looked down at my watched and noticed it was 10:00 am now. "What are we waiting for then? Let's go!" I got up from the couch and put my now finished apple in the trash. I then gave my mom a hug and kiss on the cheek. "Love you sweetheart and please don't get hurt while you're there." "I love you too mom and I won't hurt myself while I'm gone. Plus I got an amazing brother to make sure I don't even if he can be a pain in the butt, I still love him." I replied back. "Anyways bye I gotta go I don't wanna keep him waiting." "Okay bye be safe." " I will." I said back while walking out the front door. I got in the already started car with my brother in it and got my seat belt on before Shawn started to drive. "Can we go to Starbucks to get some coffee?" I said as politely as I could. "Okay that's fine with me." After he said that I rested my head my head on the side of the door.

I didn't realize I fell asleep that is until I woke up to someone pushing me. I opened my eyes to see Shawn trying to wake me up. I guess he noticed I was awake because he stopped pushing me. "Come on. I was riding to Starbucks and you happened to fall asleep." He said. I got up and out of the car and walked with him inside. I ordered a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino. While Shawn ordered a Gingerbread Frappuccino. He payed for our drinks and then we went back in the car. He started to the car and drove off to who knows where. While he was driving I got a text from my best friend Paige.

Paige: Hey did Shawn finally let you come with him to Magcon?

Me: Yes!!! It took a lot of begging though

Paige: I bet it did but srsly he let you go!

Me: Yeah. I think were gonna meet up with them now. Me and Shawn are in the car

Paige: You lucky girl call me before you go to sleep bye

Me: Bye

We were still driving until Shawn stopped the car. "Are we here" I asked confused looking at a huge house in awe. "Yep" "Finally I said excited. I opened the trunk of the car and got my suitcase while Shawn got his. He opened the door to the house to me seeing a house full of boys. To be specific 8 teenage boys. All the boys stopped what they were doing and looked at the doorway where me and Shawn were standing. Shawn started the conversation. "Guys this is Madeline but she likes to be called Mad's or Maddie. Mad's thease are my friends Jack J, Jack G, Taylor, Aaron, Matt, Carter, Nash, and last but not least Cameron. Pointing to each boy when he said their names. "I know who they are. Im not living under a rock you know I waved to them with my hand that was free. They all waved back and left to do what they were doing. "Guys better get going so we don't miss the plane ride. If we go now we won't be late." I turned around to see Cameron. He gave me a small smile once he saw me. I smiled back to him and got of the sofa I was sitting on as the rest of the boys did the same.

Everyone got their luggage and put them in the cars they were going to be in. In one car there was Shawn, me, Cameron, Nash, and Carter. In the other car there was Matt, Jack and Jack, Taylor, and Aaron. We all got in the car and got situated in a comfortable . I grabbed my phone out of my back pocket and put my seat belt on. I plugged my headphones in and put on Wild Life by Jack and Jack. After we got to the airport we gave the lady our passports and waited for our plane to be called. Suprisingly we haven't been trampled down by a whole bunch of fans. We heard our plane number been called and stood up then got on the plane. I was sitting with Cameron. While the others was paired up with who knows who. I must've been really tired because I then noticed that I was laying my head on Cameron and drifting into a small nap for the rest of the plane ride.

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