Safe is about fallen angels, A girl named Alice and her mom have been hurt and kidnapped by her father. She awoke in a hospital. She meets a boy named Kyle and he is a Fallen angel...


4. Chapter 4- The plan

      Later that day we went to my moms, to visit her and Bella. Bella had called me saying that my mother was to weak to do almost anything. I think it probably had something to do about Mark. My father. And I'm out having fun and my father is harming people. People I love. I didn't know how to feel. I felt terrible. I felt guilty. My best friends mom had just passed and I was busy and Kyle's. Kyle and I haven't even been together long and we had sex?
Are you okay, hon?" I asked Bella.
" No..." I saw her lip quiver and I knew she was about to cry. I wanted to comfort her, but I didn't know how. My head was all over the place, full of thoughts and my stomach with guilt.
"Alice?" My mother called me from the kitchen.
"Yes?" I replied.
"Can you come here please?"
I walked into the kitchen. My mother waited for me at the counter. She looked so pale, and green and fragile. Her body shook and trembled as she tried to stand. She didn't look healthy at all. She had to lean onto the counter to stand up. I turned and looked at Kyle with a worried look and quickly turned back to my mother. "Can you help me to my room? I am to weak to walk by myself."
"Of course mother." I said, why was she so weak? What happened? Did my father have anything to do with this? I turned back to Kyle: "Can you help me bring her to her room?" I asked, he gave a quick nod. He went to my mothers left side, and put her arm around his shoulder and I did the same with her opposite side. She was so weak we almost had to carry her.
    When we laid her down on the bed, I asked her if she needed anything else.
"No, thank you." She said. Whenever she said something her voice was raspy. "Alice, may I talk to you alone?" I looked at Kyle, he nodded and left. I waited until he shut the door behind him before I began to speak.
"Why are you so weak mother?"
"It's your father...He has done something to me. I don't know what, but it has made me so weak." Tears burned the back of my eyes and I could tell as she spoke, her soft voice, that she was getting weaker and weaker by the minute.
"I wanted to talk to you because, darling, I don't have much time left." Tears ran down her soft cheeks and I wiped them away from under her eyes. Her body could no longer fight. She looked at me and said: "Stay away from your father. He is dangerous."
"I will." I said. I felt tears trickle down my cheeks, and I started to sob. She grabbed my hand, and held it. Which made it worse because I realized that this could be the last time I could hold my mothers hand.
"Kill him." She said. Taking me by surprise. I looked up at her stunned.
"What did you just say?" I scowled, but not at her. 
  "Alice, he's bad. Ver-ry bad. You have too." She took a deep breath and continued: "He is a fallen angel, Alice. I know Kyle is too. But your father is on the bad side. Kyle is protecting you. Your father will hurt you. You need to kill him."
"Hold on---you want me to
kill my father?" I gaped. I was confused. I mean I know he's bad but why would I kill him? "You're telling me you knew about fallen angels and you didn't tell me?" I nearly shouted, I grew frustrated and she winced. I apologized. But how could she not tell me?
"It was for you're own good, you need to kill him." Her voice grew softer, almost to a whisper.
"But mother..." She didn't answer. A knot in my stomach grew. I looked at her, her eyes wouldn't meet mine, her hand felt cold in mine. The knot grew tighter. I tried to fight back the tears but it was to late. My mother was
dead. The tears caught in my throat, they ran down my cheeks and I began to sob. Her helpless body lay there on her bed, so beautiful and innocent. I grabbed her shoulders and began to shake her gently wishing that it wasn't true, wishing that she would come back. She didn't breathe, she didn't move. My poor mother. My father killed Bella's mother, now he killed mine? I cried so much my whole body trembled. I wanted to scream.
     I saw the door open slowly, and Kyle was behind it. When he saw me, he ran for me. He knelt down beside me and threw his arms around me, trying tom comfort me. His eyes looked so sad and helpless. He held me so tightly, and I began to cry on his shoulder. I gasped at the sight of my mother, her body was so cold and pale. Kyle had to practically drag me out of the room.
    Kyle had promised me that we would have a proper burial for her. The funeral was black. I wore a long black dress with my hair hanging down. The sky was cloudy, there were so many trees surrounding us. There had to have been about fifty of them, maybe more. On the way to Kyle's town-home after the funeral, Kyle and I talked about my father. We both knew we had to kill my father. But how? He was one of the most powerful fallen angels. How do you kill an immortal?
"Alice, there is a thing called an 'angels blade'." Kyle told me, giving me a quick glance.
"So? Are we able to use one?"
"The only way to get one is if we take the portal to heaven, you and I will have to go in it, and grab one of the angels blades. Come back and somehow use it on him."
"Wow--" I remembered what Kyle had said about if he finished his job, I would become an angel. An actual
angel. He was protecting me from my father, which means if we succeed at killing my father, I would become an angel?
I asked Kyle if that was true and he nodded. So it was true. My father had such strong powers, this will be hard. He
killed my mother and best friend's mother. He kidnapped her and harmed us.  He needed-- No. He deserves to die.
     "The thing is--we need some friends to help. He is to powerful to stop by ourselves." Kyle said. He took a different turn.
"Where are we going?" I asked.
"I want you to meet someone." He glanced at me and smiled.
When we arrived at the house, Kyle parked in front. The house was a pretty good size. It was big, but not to big. It had a black shingled roof. And the house was made of bricks. We walked up the brick staircase leading to the porch and before Kyle knocked, someone opened the door. The male had short black hair, green eyes, and pale skin.
"Kyle, you made it." Than he turned toward me and put his hand out to shake mine-- "I'm Jake."  His voice was deep and charming. His green eyes seemed to sparkle.
"I'm Alice." I smiled.
He backed up and motioned for us to come inside.
To the left of us there was a plasma TV and a beige sofa. In front there was a hall and what seemed to be the kitchen. He sat down on the sofa. Kyle grabbed my hand and gently pulled me along with him. I sat on the sofa and Kyle sat on the coffee table facing Jake and I.
"So you guys need my help?" Jake asked. Kyle nodded.
Kyle explained everything that was planned to happen.
"I'm in!" Jake shouted. He looked at both Kyle and I and grinned.


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