Safe is about fallen angels, A girl named Alice and her mom have been hurt and kidnapped by her father. She awoke in a hospital. She meets a boy named Kyle and he is a Fallen angel...


3. Chapter 3- The love

    The room was bright and sunny, I could feel someone behind me. Not the actual body, but I had a feeling that somebody was there. Kyle was asleep, and he was even more attractive when he was sleeping. I just wanted to curl up beside him but I knew I couldn't. We weren't even together but I wish we were. I like Kyle a lot, and I wonder how he felt about me.
       I slowly got up from his bed being careful so I didn't wake him up. I unzipped my duffle-bag that was at the foot of his bed, I decided to grab a pair of shorts and a tank top. I walked into the bathroom and took a shower. It was a bit cold in Kyle's town home, so it felt good having to hot water run down my body. Kyle didn't have any shampoo except his, so when he took me home I decided to grab my own.
      I stepped out of the shower and got dressed. When I walked out i peeked into Kyle's room. He was still sleeping, I needed to grab a few things from my bag, so I stepped inside. I sat at the foot of the bed and I heard Kyle moving around but I didn't look back. "Sorry I fell asleep, I was tired and didn't want to go in the living area. But I got 'ta say it was worth it, because you are pretty cute when you sleep." Kyle said as he grinned at me. Was he being sarcastic? Or was he telling me something true? I stood up and Kyle's grin turned into a thin smile. "Alice, You look sexy in shorts." He winked at me, and I blushed.
"Kyle you don't even like me, you are just protecting me, why are you saying things like that?"
"I do like you, Alice." I got that same butterfly feeling in my stomach that I always did around him.
"You do?"
He got up and came toward me. He was standing so close I could feel him breathing, I looked up at him. Kyle started to learn down and before i knew it, his lips touched mine, they felt cool and soft. I felt my knees go weak but Kyle caught me before I could fall. He let go and rested his forehead on mine. His smile was amazing, and before I could do anything. Kyle pressed his lips into mine again. This time it was more hungrily like. I didn't mind. I enjoyed this moment, he pulled me closer. I put my hands on his chest then around his neck to pull him more into the kiss.  He pulled away, and I could still feel his lips on mine from how hard we kissed. "What's wrong?" I asked.
"Nothing, um--"
"I hear something, is that your phone?" I asked.
"Yeah, I think so. One second okay?"
After Kyle left I could hear him talking on the phone in the living room-- but that wasn't what I was thinking about. What I was thinking about: was where did Kyle and I stand now? We aren't together but now that we kissed, where did that left leave us? Are we together? Or was it just a one time thing?
"What?" I said quickly, not letting him finish.
"That was my friend Max, a party and im invited. I told him you were staying here fro a while and he said you can come."
"Um--" Before I could finish he answered for me.
"You're coming, okay? You need some fun."
"Oh okay, I guess."
"The party is tonight."
I walked away and sat down on the sofa. My cell phone rang-
"Alice, come over. It's an emergency!" Bella cried on the phone.
"Okay, don't worry, I will be there as soon as possibly." I hung up.
"What happened?" Kyle asked his voice low but his eyes were concerning.
"I need to go."
"Why? I told you, I need to protect you, Alice."
"I know that Kyle but it's important. I need to go." I shouted.
Before he could answer I ran to the door. Pulling it shut behind me. I could hear Kyle walking out after me, so I ran. He doesn't need to protect me 24/7. I just need to get to Bella's.
      Fifteen minutes later: I arrived at Bella's, the door was unlocked. "Bella" I called. "Alice!" Bella shouted back. She sounded hurt and full with fear.
"Where are you!"
"The kitchen" She yelled back.
I walked into the kitchen and I saw Bella's mother laying on the floor unconscious. "What happened?" I went and checked her pulse. Gone.
My best friend's mother was dead. I heard the door burst open which made Bella and I both jump. I looked over and saw Kyle. "Mark." Kyle murmured. I stood up with my hand cupping my mouth. Bella ran toward me throwing her arms around me, crying.
"Bella." I said, tears streaming down my cheeks. "It's going to be okay."
She let go. "What do I do, Alice? My mother is gone." I turned to Kyle, his face struck with fear.
"You can stay at Alice's house. She has been staying with me because it isn't safe for her there, but you will be okay." Kyle blurted.
I looked over my shoulder out the window and made sure nobody was there. The police showed up and took her mother away. I hugged Bella once more and Kyle and I took her to my house- my mothers house. I stayed there with Kyle for a little while. But after a while Kyle and I had to leave-- I felt like a terrible friend that I had to go. But what was I supposed to do? I can't tell them what's going on.
"Kyle, where does this leave us...?" I asked him, he turned to me and his expression confused.
"When we kissed... Where does leave us now." I felt almost embarrassed to ask but I needed to know.
"It's complicated... Um, usually fallen angels and humans can't date but they know I'm innocent. So I don't know if I can...Or we can.
My heart sank. "What do you mean? You don't just kiss me knowing how I felt about you Kyle!" I wanted to cry.
"I'm sorry, Alice. Oh and about that party, we are still going."
"I am not going anywhere with you." I shouted. I decided to turn around and run out the door. I made it a few steps, Kyle grabbed my arm.
"Princess, where are you going?"
"Away from here. I like you Kyle but I need to be away from you right now." I pulled away and left.
"Alice!" Kyle called from behind me, but I ignored him and kept going. I got outside and it was raining. Kyle came out after me. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He whispered in my ear: "Alice, im sorry."
I turned around "Kyle I can't--"
He cut me off by leaning in and kissing me-hard-it felt good. His lips on mine. I had butterflies in my stomach once again. His hand on the small of my back pulling me closer. I pulled away.
"Kyle." I said once again.
"No, Alice. Come inside, it's cold."
Before I could protest, he hugged me tightly than led me inside.
As soon as we got inside his townhome, I turned around, not being able to help myself. I hugged him, Kyle wrapped his arms so tightly around me it made me light headed. "I care for you a lot, even though we haven't known each other for long" Kyle whispered in my ear. He rested his forehead on mine again, and we both stood there- smiling- Kyle was amazing, he really was. I knew that because Kyle was a fallen angel, we may not be able to be together. But I don't think Kyle cared at the moment, and to be honest, neither did I. He kissed me more hungrily and he pressed me to him. My knees felt weak and he picked me up. Kyle was strong, like really strong. It felt amazing by him holding me in his embrace and his muscles against me.
He carried me to his bedroom and sat me down on his bed. "Kyle-" He ut me off "Alice, I love you." He blurted out and his cheeks turned red instantly. "I really do, and I don't care if we haven't known each other that long. "I fucking love you."
I was stunned, I knew that I Kyle meant it. You could see it in his eyes. Oh his eyes--- "What?" I said. "I-I love you too."
Kyle came and sat beside me on the bed and put his arm around me. I felt warm and safe. I was getting tired and from what I could see so was he.
"You look tired." I said with a small smile. "Lay down, you haven't had a proper sleep in a few days."
"Are you sure? I can go sleep on the couch."
"No, Kyle. Please." I said and he laid down, I looked aver at him and he looked so attractive when he was tired. In fact he looked attractive all the time. I got up and Kyle stopped me. "Where are you going?" His face looked sad.
"I was going to sleep on the couch."
"Oh." He replied. "I thought you meant you were going to sleep in here... With me."
"I wanted too, but i wasn't sure if you wanted me too."
"I do, princess." He smiled at me and I returned it. I laid down beside him and his wrapped his arms around me. It felt so good being so close to him. Having him so close to me.
"Are you comfortable, princess?" I loved the way he called me princess.
"Yes, are you?"
"I am." I practically hear him smiling, which made me happy. I made someone happy and he made me happy.

      The next morning Kyle was still holding me close to him, I could feel him breathing, and I tried to snuggle closer to him. "You just couldn't wait to get closer, huh?" He said, while he laughed and I turned around. "Nope, it's just to tempting" I joked, and he smiled at me. His eyes locked with mine, he kissed my forehead and pulled me closer. "I love you, princess."
"I love you, too, Kyle." My heart pounded when he said that, I just cared for him so much.
He rolled on top of me: I sleep like this sometimes, hope you don't mind." He laughed.
I laughed too: "Get off you!" I teased. We just laughed more. He got off and sat up. "You are so perfect, Alice." I blushed and just covered my face with the blanket.
"You goin' to hide from me now?" He teased and pulled off the covers.
"Hey!" I shouted, and he just smiled.
"I see you're wearing another one of my shirts."
"Yeah, I got up sometime and changed, hope you don't mind." I smirked.
"Not at all, I find it sexy when you were my things." He winked at me.
He leaned over me again, and kissed me. His kisses were amazing. He rolled over and pulled me on top of him.
"Oh, I see how it is." I joked. He laughed and we kissed again- more than kissing- I guess you could say making out. He got on top of me. We made out even more and I ran my fingers through his hair--He started t kiss my neck and chest. I didn't stop him. I wanted to do more, but I didn't know if he wanted to.
He started to push his body against mine and I wondered:
maybe he does want to? As if on cue he asked me- "Do you want to do this?"
"Kyle, of course. Just promise that you won't leave after this."
"I promise."
      I started to pull of my panties and he took of his pants. I took off my shirt - well his shirt- and he already didn't have a shirt on. He leaned down and eased himself into me. It was painful so I buried my face into his shoulder. But the thing was, it was pleasurable. The pain was gone, it was pleasure now. I ran my fingers through his hair once again.
      Kyle collapsed beside me "How was that?" He asked.
"Great." I returned and stood up, put on his over sized tee and went to get something to eat. Kyle came after me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my ear. I really did
love him.

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