Safe is about fallen angels, A girl named Alice and her mom have been hurt and kidnapped by her father. She awoke in a hospital. She meets a boy named Kyle and he is a Fallen angel...


1. Chapter 1- The incident

 I was at my best friend Bella's house before I had just pulled into the cracked concrete driveway of my home when i noticed my father's car in the drive way, I don't understand why he home, he was supposed to be out working for the week. We hadn't expected him home until next Friday and today was Saturday. I opened the car door, and stepped out, something felt off as I slowly approached the porch leading inside, instinct told me I shouldn't open that door, but I pushed it aside, and opened the door asking myself what if my mom is hurt, what if something happened? As soon as I saw what was on the inside, I dropped my keys along with my hand bag, my mom laying on the floor as a man was sitting on our living room couch-- my father. I had a bad feeling in my stomach, it felt like something had swelled inside of me. "Dad?" I asked with a lump in my throat and my voice, spoken with fear.
"Alice, you're home, i've been waiting for you."
"What happened to mom, why aren't you helping her?" I shouted, growing with fear and worry. 
"Don't worry she will wake up soon." He jumped to his feet and strode toward me. I tried to run, I had only made it five steps before he grabbed my arm and I swing around to find a blunt object hit face. I had only felt a second of pain before I fell to the ground. I awoke in a hospital bed, the doctor, who stood above me, smiling. "You're awake, how do you feel?"
"I-I don't know"
"what's your name?" asked the doctor.  After I didn't answer, he asked again: "What's your name?"
"My name is Alice, I am 17 years old, now tell me what happened, how did I get here?"
"Good, you remember. Your mom is fine, she is in the next room, you both are able to go home today."
"You didn't answer my question, how did I get here." I asked again, with frustration.
"A man, said he was your father dropped you two off, and said he found you to lying on the floor knocked out cold. He vanished after we took you in."
"Can I leave, and I never asked anything about my mom, why is she here?" I asked with a knot in the pit of my stomach, why were we here?
         Soon after we left, my mom and I called a taxi, while we waited we talked about what we remember of what happened. When we arrived home, I paid for the taxi, I was scared to go inside My mom went straight into the kitchen, looking for something to eat, I followed. Our kitchen had beige walls with a white back-splash, the cupboards squeaked when you opened or closed them and the table was attached to the wall on the opposite side of the room. From the kitchen you could see the hall on the right leading towards the master, if you looked left there was one of the bathrooms, and if you looked right, there was a storage closet with only a few cleaning supplies in it. On the opposite side of the kitchen you could see the living area, where we had a small flat screen tv and a small old sofa.

          Today was Sunday and I had school tomorrow. After getting something to eat, I asked my mom what she remembered, and her response seemed off, as if she was hiding something that was torturing her inside, out. She hesitated, "All I r-remember was he hit me with something and that was it, I was out cold." She seemed terrified. "There was something dark in his eyes that I couldn't quite figure out." She stopped. I walked away, and headed downstairs to my bedroom, as I went downstairs I felt tears burn the back of my throat.
How could he do this? Where was he now? I had a million questions and no answers. All I could do was hope that he wouldn't come back to hurt us.

     My name is Alice Finn, I am 17 years old. I live in an old house with my mother and father-- Although I dont know where my father was now. He vanished after he dropped us off at the hospital. I couldn't help but wonder where he went. It was about 10pm Sunday night. I lay in my bed when my phone chirped. It was from Bella. Bella was my closest friend. We had known each other for since we were little kids. "Hey, are you alright, I heard about what happened, are you sure you want to be at home?" The text read.
"I dont know, im scared."
"You can come spend the night here if you want my mom already offered"
"Okay im on my way"

I got up, I slipped on jeans, and a white tee shirt. I grabbed my bag and my keys, kissed my mom on the cheek and headed out the door.
As  I stepped outside, I heard someone standing near my car. I called out a simple quiet "Hello?"
The voice called back: "Alice there you are." You could hear sadness and amusement in his voice.
"Who are you? And why are you here?"
"It's your father" Why was he hear? I felt my stomach tighten. He ran towards me and he reached out and touched me but before I knew it, I felt my body hit to the ground.
I woke up to 5 missed calls from Bella, my father was gone, it was almost midnight and my mother was gone. I Called her cell, no answer. I had no idea where she could be. I called Bella back:
Where are you! Are you okay? I was so worried what happened?" She answered.
"My father was here, he touched me and I-" I trailed off, confused. But continued: My mother is gone and so is he, neither of them are answering their phones!" Just than I thought what if he hurts her, was that the last time id ever see my mom? "Im sure she is okay, dont worry, Hurry over here before anything else happens." I hung up. I got into my car and drove, I sped. I didn't care I just wanted to get away from all of this.
        About ten minutes later I arrived at Bella's. I knocked on the front door, Bella opened the door behind her was a dim lit up hallway and at the end of it was the living area, her mom shot to her feet, and sped walked towards us. "Oh my gosh, are you okay? Where is your mom?"
"I-I dont know--" I trailed off again.
Bella budged into the conversation and explained to her mom what I told Bella over the phone. They let invited me inside. "Bella?" I asked with worry in my voice.
"Yeah, what's up?"
"Im scared, what is he going to do to me mom, what is--"
She cut me off.
"Try not to think about it, it will just make it worse"
I was so tired i almost passed out just talking to her. "Can we just go to sleep?"
"I was hoping you'd ask.

I woke up to my alarm telling me to get ready for school. I drove my car and Bella drove hers, the first class that I had was chemistry. We were doing a lab today- dissecting hearts. At lunch and after school I tried calling my mom again- no answer both times.
I jumped when I felt somebody touch my shoulder. I turned to find Bella standing behind me asking if I wanted to go shopping. We drove to the closest mall which was still a half hour away. I was walking around the mall when Bella gave me a shove to find an attractive guy starring at me, smiling. He was wearing a black long sleeve that hugged his figure and black skinny jeans, his dark brown hair flipping outward at his ears. His eyes were light blue and dark blue at the center before his pupil-- They reminded me of the galaxy  He had to have been 6'0'. I was wearing a white zip up sweater with dark grey skinny jeans, my hair was dark brown and it hung a little more than half way down my spine, I had dark blue eyes and had on mascara and a clear with a tint of pink gloss on. I was probably around 5'7. I knew I was a kind person and I hated being mean, so I smiled back and the he walked over and introduced himself: "Hey, my name is Kyle Jones, I saw you over there and thought I'd introduce myself, I apologize if i was to abrupt."
"No, you weren't, im Alice Finn." I also noticed he had cute freckles spread upon his cheeks and I felt my cheeks turn pink. I looked over to see Bella smiling at me like an idiot and Kyle noticed. "Well I should get going, its getting late, it was great to meet you." Kyle said, with a smile, a boyish smile. Once again my cheeks turned pink.

    I drove up the drive way, finding my mom on the front porch steps, I ran over to her.
"Mom!, Where have you been?" I asked, my voice sounded crackly with worry. "Mark took me, he had other people with him, I-I don't know where I was."
"Are you hurt?"
"No. I dont think so" she replied with slight hesitation and a sigh.
We walked inside I made us a late dinner, she said she hadn't eaten since before she got taken.
She went off to bed and I stayed up and called my father, even though I no longer wanted anything to do with him, but I needed answers. He
wasn't my dad. Not anymore.
     The next day, I woke up, I turned to look at my alarm; it read 6:45am. The sky was still dark. I got up and walked to the bathroom. My hair was matted, last nights mascara smeared underneath my eyes, and I had dried tears on my cheeks: I was definitely crying in my sleep, although I don't remember dreaming or maybe it was a memory from what happened with my father. I turned the shower between luke warm and hot water. I undressed and hopped in.
       After my shower I headed towards my room and looked through my closet trying to find something to wear. After 10 minutes of decided, I settled on a black pair of slightly high-waisted jeans and a grey long sleeve  shirt. My hair: damp, had beach waves and I thought it looked kind of nice so I decided to leave it down. I put on a bit of mascara and a little bit of lipstick. I heard my mother in the kitchen and I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek goodbye and headed out to my car.
      When I arrived at school, I met Bella. "Hey! Guess who goes here?" She asked and gave me a smile, as if I knew I was supposed to know what she was talking about.
"Kyle, that guy that came and talked to you at the mall. He totally likes you."
"No, he doesn't we met once, Bella."
  I went to my first class, and I noticed Kyle was sitting a couple rows beside me, he kept staring at me, giving me get butterflies in my stomach and I could feel that my cheeks were getting red; which I didn't like because I didn't like catching feelings for people. I barely knew him so it doesn't make sense. There is just something about him. After class he came over to me. "Hey, Alice, right?" He asked along with a cute smile, which made me blush.
"Yeah, Kyle, right?" Returning the smile.
"Yeah, sorry I had to go so fast the other night, it was important."
"It's alright." I answered, unsure of what to say.
"So, I was wondering what are you doing after school." He asked nervously.
"Nothing, why?" I replied, surprised by how much excitement there was in my voice.
"I was wondering if you wanted to come hang out, are you interested?"
"Yeah, I'd love that." I got more butterflies as I kept thinking about being with him. I knew what had just met the other day but I felt like I needed to be close to him.
"Great, so ill see you outside after school?"
"Yes" I stayed back a few moments after he left, I was so excited, I kept wondering where we were going to hang out or what we were going to do

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