Sanity at worst, Insanity at best...

Yuki is a girl who is insane but keeps it all in. Well,that drives her crazy and once Every one finds out she kinda goes on a ranpage. This causes her to have to hide to stay alive. But once the cop's find her,the crazy happen's. Which led's her to wonderland. But will the insanity get the best of her? You'll see...


6. Chapter 6.

But soon I was at the well. "Well, here goes nothing...I really hope this is what they were talking about!" I took a galp and said the word's. 'Let me go but my sanity stay. Let me go but my sanity stay. Let me go but my sanity stay!'                                                                    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3rd person.

soon every thing around yukki went still. Her vestion went blurry and she fainted. Not sleep faint, dead faint! Her insanity was over the scale it just killed her! When you read the info about the story you probubly thouht she would kill her self from her insanity! Well no, her insanity killed HER! But that doesn't make sence! If people died from their insanity,every one would die! It may sound weird but ever one is insane! Perferably mad. It's true! With there no 'normal' anymore then how can you not be crazy. Face the fact's, we. Are. All. MAD!


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