Sanity at worst, Insanity at best...

Yuki is a girl who is insane but keeps it all in. Well,that drives her crazy and once Every one finds out she kinda goes on a ranpage. This causes her to have to hide to stay alive. But once the cop's find her,the crazy happen's. Which led's her to wonderland. But will the insanity get the best of her? You'll see...


5. Chapter 5.

 I followed them to were they were taking me. I looked around and saw that there were dead bodies all over the place...I didn't know what to think of the place. I couldn't tell if it was real or not. I didn't even care. It was better then what I had to deal with in the 'real world'. "Well here we are!" The cat said disapering into smoke. "Well have fun!" The mad hatter said handing me a knife. "What's this f-" Before I could say my sentince the mad hatter was gone. "What the hell-?"          --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You must find the place were you shall reseve water and chant 'let me go but my sanity stay' 3 times if you wish to see your life again.                                                                                                  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A voice said that in my head. I kinda understud. I needed to go some were were you get water. A well! Of corse! I stated to walk torowds a glowing light. But standing my way was many dead corpses growing from the ground. I looked down at the knife the mad hatter gave me. I started stabing the corpses untill they were gone.


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