Sanity at worst, Insanity at best...

Yuki is a girl who is insane but keeps it all in. Well,that drives her crazy and once Every one finds out she kinda goes on a ranpage. This causes her to have to hide to stay alive. But once the cop's find her,the crazy happen's. Which led's her to wonderland. But will the insanity get the best of her? You'll see...


4. Chapter 4.

Soon I was felling tired. Then I got knoked out by something. I could feel my body falling down. *Thump!* "Huh?" I was in a sterange place. It was like wonderland...But in black and wight. Only really fainted colors showed. "Were am I?" "You're in wonderland! Well,once it went completely insane!" "I thought that happend long a go." I said. I was going with it cause it was kinda normall for me since i'm insane. "Well, not completely insane!" The odd man said. He looked like the mad hatter but all bloody. "Why hello!" A bloody creepy simleing cat said with a smerk. "Come with us! We have some thing to show you!" "Okay," I followed them into a garden. "This is the Queen of harts garden." The mad hatter said. "But we killed her looong ago! So now it's our 'death garden'" The cat said.  "Why don't you join us on a adventure!" The mad hatter said. "Okay..."


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